How Kerby Skurat Will Do 316 Transactions in 2015 While Going on Zero Appointments

"Lars understands what it takes to run a business. Most agents are out of the business within 3-5 years because they don't get profitability. If you implement his tools and systems, your business will be more efficient and profitable, and your work-life balance will be amazingly different."

Minneapolis Realtor Kerby Skurat ( had been in real estate since 2008 before seeking Lars's help in early 2014. Though they did 265 sales that year, the overwhelming majority of the business's production came directly from Kerby and his wife Cristina.

"Lars said, you guys have got to get a team if you ever want to have any work-life balance," recalls Kerby. "We have one young daughter, and we're expecting another one, so to be able to have some evenings and weekends more free for family was really important for us."

Leaving behind their laser-focused production model of the past, Kerby and Cristina's focus shifted to building out a sustainable buyer agent model that allowed Kerby to take on a much more entrepreneurial role.

"I haven't gone on an appointment since September," says Kerby. "I feel really good about where our business is at. We have a full-time listing partner. Cristina's transitioning from the buyer side to the listing side, and she's got a lot better work-life balance. The transition for us has been exactly what we were hoping for."

In spite of his recent move out of production, Kerby has big plans for his team in 2015.

"We want to get our listing production up to 134 sales, and to do 182 buyer sales. Our goal is 316 total. We'll have a team of 7 sales agents that will do that volume. It's a model that we're really excited about."

His team is excited, too, because thanks to his marketing systems, they'll be making good money without having to set any appointments.

"Our splits are pretty aggressive. We've been trained with Lars's system, and it's just a profitable system. But the agents are fine with it, because they're not prospecting. They're getting appointments set for them, and that's a huge benefit of being on our team."

What Kerby feels separates Lars from other coaching programs is Lars's authenticity, his simplified process, and his focus on profitability.

"He gets it. He's got an MBA from Duke. He understands what it takes to run a business, and he helps regular people understand key principles that very few real estate agents ever understand. That's why most agents are out of the business within 3-5 years, because they don't get profitability. Lars brings a huge benefit showing you how to be profitable and what to cut out of a business."

Thanks to Lars's High Performance Intensive Workshop in October, Kerby has laid out his future goals and feels he's well on his way to achieving what he wants.

"My goal is to start developing other businesses and strategies, and to be a leader, teacher, and coach within my own business," explains Kerby. "I'm confident that because of what Lars has done and the mindset shift he's helped me achieve that I will hit my goals. I'm looking forward to the next 3 years to hit the goals we laid out."

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