REPLAY: How Realtor Kerby Skurat Will Sell 316 Homes in 2015 Going on Zero Appointments

Here's the full on-demand replay of our latest Live Google Hangout event How Realtor Kerby Skurat Will Sell 316 Homes in 2015 Going on Zero Appointments with our special guests Kerby Skurat and Cristina Edelstein.

Here are a few of the highlights we covered on the Hangout:

(3:30) Kerby and Cristina background and scaling their business.
(8:45) Doing 170 transactions with a small team and a new family.
(12:30) How did you land 60 deals as brand new agents?
(14:43) Utilizing low-cost lead sources to convert buyers.
(18:10) Building out the buyer agent team and adding leverage to your team.
(20:10) Spending money to make money. What lead sources give the best ROI?
(23:40) Four marketing pillars and seller prospecting.
(27:15) The structure and gross margins of a successful team.
(33:10) Recruiting and co-marketing partners.
(36:25) How Kerby tripled his business by hustle, referrals, and going above and beyond.
(40:20) Having the vision for a bigger and brighter future.
(44:55) What are the main lead sources used in Kerby and Cristina's business?
(48:10) What is Kerby's point of differentiation?
(49:00) What are the top sources of listing sales for Kerby?
(49:48) What direct-response offers are you marketing to your sphere?
(51:35) Why are Kerby and Cristina successful when others are not?

A big thanks to my guests for sharing what's been working for them and how they've built their business to where it's at today.

I also want to thank our friends at Vyral Marketing for helping us put on the event. If you're looking for help with your database marketing, check them out.

Our next Transformational Client Interview will be held Thursday, April 9th at 2pm EST - I'll send out more information soon.

Thanks everyone for attending and see you on the next event!

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