Learn the Step By Step Process I Went Through to Sell 300+ Homes This Year Working 1 Day A Week

My name is Lars Hedenborg and my first year in real estate was 2008, not the best time to get into the business. I left a cozy corporate job and my wife just had our first child, the pressure was on! Without any sales experience and during the worst financial crisis of my generation, I managed to sell over 70 homes by the end of my first full year. In just 6 short years, I have sold over 1,000 homes! 

This year I will sell over 300 homes – and the best part is I now only work 1 day a week. My team will generate over $2,500,000 in commissions - and it has only been 6 years! 

So how do you sell so many homes without working all the time, being a slave to your phone and email, having to deal with all the drama that comes with your clients? You create systems for everything! You build leverage into your business. And then recruit, select, train, lead, and manage a team of people to do the work for you at a very high level. 

Today I do nothing more than hold a weekly sales meeting and hold 1-on-1 meetings with key staff on my team to review sales numbers, customer satisfaction, and key financials. I run my real estate team as a true CEO and I have a thriving, highly profitable business. 

My passion is to help others achieve the same level of success and freedom that I have. The training is not out there, trust me I have been coached by over a dozen coaches in and out of the real estate industry and I spent over $300,000 in the process! So I developed 4 Core Building Blocks to build a "real" real estate business. 

Come find out exactly what these building blocks are all about and how you can simplify your business, cut expenses and sell more homes working less time. 

This webinar is 100% educational. I will show you some of the most important tools I use in my business and why systems and leverage are critical in order to build your business to the point where it truly serves you and your family. Enjoy!

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