How Adrienne Lally Will Step Out of Production and Develop New Business

"We have improved with our conversion and the quality of leads that we're getting. Lars has a systematic approach and the blueprint to follow, so why try to re-invent the wheel? You'd be foolish not to at least give it a shot."

Adrienne Lally (Team Lally - Honolulu, HI) started coaching with Lars in 2014, after working in real estate for nearly 12 years. She had a team with a decent setup, but it wasn't running like a truly sustainable business.
Adrienne Lally
(Honolulu, HI)

"I never had any college training or specific training, and I felt like I was winging it. Lars was part of our RATE Group, and when I saw that he was doing coaching and sharing all his systems that he used... he did everything within a 4-year time period which is so impressive to me."

Before coaching, Team Lally had been improving systems year after year, but it was still a bit chaotic.   

"Things were just not as clear cut. The splits that I had with the team members were not profitable. After starting with Lars, and taking a look at our business overall...he was able to help us eliminate certain things that were not making us money. I think I cut $4,000/month of marketing that was just not a good ROI. Lars really helped us to be more profitable."

Adrienne explains that, although painful, her business is much better by cutting marketing and restructuring her team.

"I think when you have focused efforts, you're going to get the focused results. We have improved with our conversion and the quality of leads that we're getting. I've found the talent that I need in order to step out and work on the business instead of in the business."

She hopes to be out of production by the end of 2015, which she attributes in part to the coaching program. As a former high-level gymnast and athlete, Adrienne is no stranger to intense coaching and achieving her goals.

"With Lars' program, it's a little different. The Business Tracker really helps me get a snapshot of the business and forecast where we will be. Having those business goals has been amazing and very helpful for our business."

After rebuilding their team and looking towards stepping away from the day-to-day business, Adrienne noted a number of personal goals she hopes to achieve.

"I've always done my best to have balance and be athletic. I've signed up for the Honolulu Marathon pretty much every year. I'd like to do roller derby, and I'm going to be getting back into that in 2016 now that I'm not tied to the hip with the business."

To other agents in the program, Adrienne offers some sound advice.

"You can always set up an appointment to talk to Lars or Kyle or someone on the team, but I really like the Facebook group where everyone holds everyone accountable. Being on the Monday calls and taking copious notes. Also, the B-School that he has is priceless. Little by little, start to implement it."

When it comes to skeptical agents in need of coaching, Adrienne says there's really no risk involved.

"It does take work to run your business like a business, and you have to be willing to put the work in if you want to get the results. Lars has a systematic approach and the blueprint to follow, so why try to re-invent the wheel? You'd be foolish not to at least give it a shot."

For the future of Team Lally, Adrienne sees continued improvement and growth.

"As long as I'm continuing to move forward - whether it's to increase production, increase coaching, or better leadership skills - that is best. I'm excited that we're going to be out of production and working on new projects. We're working on luxury options and a fix and flip. It's still real estate, but it's different types of different models that we're adding."

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