Why Steve Schwab Thinks Lars's Coaching Program Makes His Dollar Go Further

"He's got a great program, hands down. There aren't many programs out there like this."

Steve Schwab (Portland, OR) has been with Lars for about 15 months and has been in real estate since 2001. He discovered Lars through a Realtor friend of his who was also a member of NAEA. Steve was attracted to Lars' program not just because of the content it provided, but because Steve was interested in pursuing the same business model that Lars taught.

Right after beginning Lars' program, Steve implemented new business tracking, accountability, and yard marketing. If he had the ability to carry a large inventory of listings, he would have no trouble moving them, as homes sell incredibly quick when they have yard signs.

"There is some tangible stuff [in Lars's program], whereas most coaches give a lot of talk but no content."

Steve is no stranger to coaching programs - he's worked with many in the past. He admits that every program has its upsides and downsides, but that Lars's is valuable because it offer tangible content, like back-end systems and other tools to help run your business better. Where most coaches talk a lot and offer little in the way of actual systems, Steve has found that between the Google Docs Lars shares and the Real Estate B-School he teaches, Lars' program has given him a larger return on investment than any other! 

Lars' program has so much content that Steve has found himself going back to it again and again. He and his office manager have been working back through it, deciding which of the great strategies will be the most beneficial. Steve knows it's just a matter of working hard and implementing Lars's strategy to get the success he desires, which is a well-oiled machine, a collaborative team that get better with each transaction. In other words:

"He's a great coach and he's got a great program...you just have to put it in the work to implement it!"

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