REPLAY: How Orlando Realtor Tom Nickley Will Increase Production by 140% on Zero Appointments

Here's the full on-demand replay of our latest Live Google Hangout event How Orlando Realtor Tom Nickley Will Increase Production by 140% on Zero Appointments with our special guest Tom Nickley.

Here are a few of the highlights we covered on the Hangout:

(3:30) Tom Nickley's background before working with Lars
(10:30) How Tom began the search for a real estate coach and found Lars
(15:30) The game-changer that Tom implemented from Lars' system
(18:00) How Tom goes about prospecting on a daily basis
(25:00) How Tom manages himself as an individual, and also how he manages his team
(27:30) What Tom looks for in a good employee
(30:00) What Tom demands of his agents every day
(35:00) Dissecting the 'Real Estate Business Navigator'
(37:30) Tom's advice for building a strong real estate team
(44:00) Advice for creating a sales leader, from what Tom has learned through Lars' system
(48:30) Obstacles that Tom foresees in growing his business, and his excitement and fears about it
(56:00) Why prospecting needs to stay inside the business, not left to virtual assistants
(58:00) Explaining Lars' mission in B-School

A big thanks to my guests for sharing what's been working for them and how they've built their business to where it's at today.

I also want to thank our friends at Vyral Marketing for helping us put on the event. If you're looking for help with your database marketing, check them out.

Thanks everyone for attending and see you on the next event!

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