How Brett Kelly's Business Thrives Even When He's Not There

"I've never had a coach this methodical as far as what to do first, second, third... Rather than spending money on a bunch of different systems, we're getting really good at a few. Your conversion goes up, your costs go down, your net profit goes up - it's perfect."

Even from the start of his career, Kalispell, MT Realtor Brett Kelly ( understood the value of coaching. After overcoming initial struggles to make money selling real estate, he separated and started his own brokerage in 2013. 

"But it didn't work," explains Brett. "The team mentality wasn't there. All the people I've seen really successful, they have a team approach. Everybody wins with a team approach."

What attracted him to Lars was that the model was already laid out for him. While listing properties had always come naturally to Brett, he was immediately impacted by Lars's blueprint for building out the buyer side.

"What I like best about Lars is it's step-by-step. Everything is methodically thought through. Lars is really big on not spending money unless you get a return. I've never had a coach like that. Most of the coaches are, 'Try this, try that.'"

Now, Brett's buyer side runs as smoothly as the listing side does. Despite Kalispell's relatively low average price point of $200K, three of his six buyer agents have closed over $1 Million in 2015 by mid-March.

"It works, his buyer system works," Brett says. "We track 'em, we train 'em, and they're doing awesome."

In addition to building out his buyer side, Brett was also able to implement the systems that allowed him to exit the listing side - a feat that came at just the right time for Brett. Throughout the early months of 2015, he was sidelined by a back injury and eventually an emergency surgery.

"I couldn't do anything. Prior to Lars, I would have been a trainwreck with nobody doing the listings. It's been a Godsend. It's not dependent on me. The injury and the surgery have proven we actually have a business that runs without me."

While his goal is to do 250 sides this year, his early projections show him and his team easily surpassing that number.

"Considering our size, we're dominating. Period, paragraph."

While he continues to run a dominant business, it's not been at the expense of his family life.

"I can work the way I like to work, and do the things I really love to do. Spending that time with family is part of that. Going for walks every day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon instead of 7 o'clock at night. I have a fifteen month old; I get to see her - she even knows my name. In traditional real estate, you don't get that.

"I spend as much time with my wife and kids as I do at the office."

Because of the success he's seeing now, Brett views his ultimate goals for his real estate business as attainable within the next year.

"I'd like to do 300 sides a year, have extremely good net profit, and for my agents to make twice the average of any of the agents locally, along with having a life. It's basically a place where everybody wants to go to work, where everybody makes a lot of money, and I don't have to work in sales every day. I can work on helping and training these guys."

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