How This AZ Realtor Will Step Out of Production In Three Years

"The business has changed since coming on with Lars by implementing buyer loyalty appointments...their time is spent so much better in getting from loyalty to a contract in least amount of time, so massive change there.”

Kodi Riddle has owned a brokerage in Phoenix, Arizona for 17 years. Just 18 months ago, she found Lars and since, her business has changed dramatically. Her agents’ time now is spent so much better with buyer loyalty. For instance, one of her seller’s agents made $50,000 more the first of implementing this new system.
Kodi Riddle
(Phoenix, AZ)

“The goal is to be out of the business.”

Because her end goal is to spend more time with her family, Kodi focuses on investing less time into more profitable activities within her business. Currently, she’s busy, doing a lot of different things that she did before joining Lars.  

“I see my end goal in the very near future, whereas before I didn’t see it at all.”

Within the next three years, she will be drastically remove from her role taking buyers and sellers directly. She strives to manage a team that would replace her position, but at the same time, still maintains her commitment to quality customer service. Additionally, she wants to inspire her team to spend more time with their family and earn the most amount of income they possibly can.

“The intensive has given me the opportunity to meet Lars in person, putting the face and person behind all of these phone calls and all this great advice that I’m getting.”

The second part she foremost enjoys is networking with other real estate professionals. She’s able to share both positive and negative experiences, in addition to hearing stories from other Realtors.

“They are going through all the same stuff as I am. And that means I’m on the right path. Don’t be on the fence, period.”

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