How Dave Friedman Took 15 Weeks Vacation And Doubled His Income

“Lars has a deep investment in everyone improving themselves, not just the professional world.”

Dave Friedman started his real estate team in Charleston, South Carolina in February 2013. During his first year as an independent agent, he closed 32 deals with a CRM system. Dave hired a coach to help me improve my business at the end of 2013. However, his first coach didn’t provide the systems and processed he needed to expand and increase profits. That’s what led him to hire Lars in August 2014.  

Dave Friedman
(Charleston, SC)
He went from 32 transactions in 2013 to hiring an admin and buyer’s agent to help close 60 deals the following year. He continued to expand his team and in 2015, he closed 124 deals.

“In 2013 and 2014, I wasn’t able to ever take a vacation. What happened to me in 2015, I was able to take 15 weeks of vacation unplugged.”

In his second year with Lars, he was able to deposit $370,000 of net profit in the bank. The training has helped him spend time away from the office and more with his family without losing profit.

“I didn’t have any systems or tools before I met him, so that’s what really changed.”

When he hired his first admin, she focused on implementing the B-School systems. He was primarily concentrated on driving revenue, earning lists, training new employees, and working with buyers.

“This intensive was really impactful because it was all about leadership. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the path of leadership, so I’ve gained a lot out of this.”

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