Four Ways to Add Real Value to Your Team


There are many reasons why we fail to empower others. Job security, resistance to change, and a lack of self-worth are all reasons why people fail to empower others. As strange as it sounds, great leaders gain authority by giving it away. I have very little authority in my own company, yet we’re still on track to sell 2,000 homes this year. This is a mindset issue, and I think when you move up the ladder, you’ll realize that it’s necessary to keep moving forward.

Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. The Law of Addition is something that I had missed up until the last couple of years. It’s about taking a servant’s approach to leadership and focusing on how far you can advance others, rather than how far you can advance yourself.

Ask yourself this: Are you making things better for the people who follow you? This includes every area of their life. Can you remember a manager that made something in your life, outside of your job, better for you? You’re in an incredible position to impact other people, and you shouldn’t let that opportunity float past you.

There are actually four guidelines to adding value to others:

  1. Effective leaders intentionally help others in such a way that others know it.
  2. The more intentional you are to growing personally, the more you will have to offer others.
  3. Know and relate to what others value. This only comes through listening to people’s hopes and dreams and then leading them to achieve those goals.
  4. Do things that God values, because God not only treats others with respect, but he reaches out and serves them.

Number 4 may not apply to everyone, but it’s a way of Christian living. For me, I have a vision of what servant leadership looks like, and it involves that vision.

I don’t think everything is about money. Adding value to someone’s life goes further than sending them home with a nice paycheck. It also extends beyond real estate, it’s about becoming a better father or a better husband. Lastly, you have to enjoy the journey that you’re on in becoming a better person and helping others to become better.

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