How Sean Hellmann Stepped Away From Buyer Transactions to Focus on Management

“The great thing about B-School is we really all have the same systems, and we’re learning what we’re doing a little bit better.”

Sean Hellmann is a Realtor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He’s been in the real estate industry for a dozen years. Around 2011, he dove into the concept of building a team and began adding other employees to his business. After experimenting with different coaching programs, he learned about Lars at a different real estate company and in June 2014, he hired him as a coach. He recognizes that moment as his first step towards establishing a solidified commitment towards team building. 

Sean Hellmann
(Albuquerque, NM)
“I was able to take systems I had in my business that I bought when I was associated with other companies. I took those same systems and broke them down to make them more detailed.”

With Lars’s coaching, Sean used concepts he’d learned while working for other businesses to his advantage. It was a matter of transforming his prior knowledge, breaking it down, and applying it to his current business model. Lars has helped him create a clearer path towards success. If you think of hiring Lars as a coach, he recommends thinking about how large you want your team to be and becoming a leader in the industry.

“I’ve gotten a lot better on how to recruit, how to train, and build up my team.”

A year ago, he started integrating strategies into his business he is only now beginning to see. For instance, he had only one buyer’s agent a year ago. Now, with three buyer’s agents, he’s experienced an increase of sales. He has also stepped entirely away from the buyer’s side of the business to focus on management.

“A lot of it is relationships with other brokers. You’ve been apart of this group for two years, and we shared our successes together.”

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