How Jana DeLong Cut Expenses by Staying Laser-Focused on Proven Systems

"We knew after the first conversation with Lars that it was a no-brainer. Instead of telling us to spend money on the latest and greatest thing, he knows how to keep your money in your pocket. "

Fifteen years ago, Jana started a career in the real estate market, and when she met her husband - who was also a real estate agent - they decided to form a company together so they could spend as much time together as possible. They briefly worked with other real estate coaches to push their business forward, but just weren't seeing the results they had hoped for.

When they began working with Lars, Jana and her husband were closing roughly 80 transactions per year. In previous experiences with real estate coaches, Jana had found that they were always pushing them to use new systems and invest in different technologies.

However, the first thing that Lars urged her to do was to cut the costs of her business.

"He definitely told us what to cut out of our business, as far as where we were wasting money. That was super refreshing because our last coaching program was just constantly implementing things that we had to spend money on, and then a year would go by and there would be some other big thing that they wanted us to invest in."

Jana has found that the biggest result of working with Lars has been cutting out unnecessary expenses and implementing systems that were needed. When she started working with Lars, she was trying to get out of the production side of her business and focus on the expansion.

"Our last real estate coach was always telling us to spend money on the latest and greatest thing, and Lars tries to keep your money in your pocket and have you spend it on proven systems."

Jana has also found that the High Performance Intensive Workshop was helpful for improving her business because it was just Lars, not a lot of other coaches. She left with a handwritten piece of paper with her business goals on it, and she knew exactly what she had to do. The Facebook group with other clients of Lars' coaching program has been helpful too, as Jana has been able to turn to that community on top of the guidance that she receives from Lars. 

For Jana, success with this coaching program would be when in two or three years she could work one to three days a week and still have a successful real estate business. Her husband is currently working seven days a week, and while she never expects him to stop working hard (because he's passionate about real estate), she would like to allow more time for her family and for other important things in her life.

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