B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: The Key to Succeeding with New Buyer Leads


The next thing, and it really is as important, is these two documents. There’s the buyer lead management policy and the buyer lead management protocol. The protocol is pretty simple. It’s literally just explaining A-B-C buyers.

So in BoomTown, they’re called Hot Nurture Watch. But it’s just explaining what this is. Cause this is the language that they’re going to be speaking forever. You’re always looking at A-B buyers. What Bs are becoming As? What Bs are becoming Cs? And that sort of thing.

Lead Management Policy

So going through this with them is just as important as going through the lead management policy. And if you don’t have something like this lead management policy, it makes it harder to lead your team. So good example, if you never presented something like this to your agent, and they’re not doing what you think is expected of them, there’s nothing to pull off the shelf and go through as a team.

We go through this once a year. Everyone gets a new position agreement. And everyone gets a new lead management policy. We tweak it. So this one’s a little bit older. But it’s built out for Voice Pad and BoomTown. So if you’re running different systems, it’s not that complicated to switch it over. It explains opportunity time.

I get a lot of questions about how our team doesn’t work like that. Opportunity time is just the concept of agents or ISA responding to the internet leads and yard sign calls. So you can work this however you want.

At the time we were calling our buyer ISA the “client care coordinator.” So we still have one of those. We’re hiring a second one as well. So this goes through the importance of top 100. It goes through BoomTown as far as how to follow up with leads and the process for archiving and trashing leads. We sweep those.

Proper Follow Up

It explains what happens if you’re not following up properly with leads. In terms of updating leads, if you get leads overnight what happens if you don’t update the leads. The general lead pool – so we sweep everyone’s account, their archive and trash. They’re only allowed 100 in their hot-nurture watch. And we get into a general lead pool, which we call the fishing pond.

So there’s no shortage of leads. They’ve always got leads to work. What happens with low price leads? Cross selling our lenders. What happens if you can’t make opportunity time? What happens for non-performance, in terms of absences and all that?

Consequences. Weekly accountability reports in terms of what we look at, the number of leads, the number of leads not viewed. We pull these reports from BoomTown on Monday. We review them as a team. Basically call early and call often. If you’re not, someone will go in and take your leads. And if you continue doing it, you probably don’t have a spot on the team.

Percentage of leads called is 100% Emailed, e-alerts, to-dos.

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