How Emmett Carr Will Close 500 Sides and Step Out of His Business By 2018

"We focused on 3-4 really good systems, and got those going the right way... It's all very simple, just do the small stuff day in and day out and you'll be successful."

Emmett Carr (Atlanta, GA) has been in real estate since 2003. With over a decade of experience being a top performer, Emmett leads one of the premier real estate teams in the Metro Atlanta Area after eight years working in the Denver market.
Emmett Carr
(Atlanta, GA)

"I've been coaching with Lars since March, and definitely one of the most intense periods of my life. He doesn't let you settle on good enough. He wants you to be great, and he pushes you. That's why I wanted to be coaching with him, because I heard that about him and I knew I needed that." 

Emmett says it wasn't always easy trying to be a "jack of all trades" in his business. Instead, Lars helped him hone in on a few key dollar productive activities at a time.

"I was spread too thin; I had too much in my business. I was doing too many things and I was just not being very good at any of them. So we sat down and looked at my business and just started cutting away the fat, trimming away the things I didn't need. We focused on 3-4 really good systems, and get those going the right way. And once I max those out, then looking at everything else."

Emmett explains that a little bit goes a long way, even if it's difficult to part ways with ineffective systems.

"It was really more humbling than anything else because I was like, "I've got everything man, what do you want to do?" [Lars] said to get rid of it all and we're holding every dollar accountable because he really did look at every single thing and say "What's the ROI on this? How are we utilizing this, and what about that?" And when I didn't have valid explanations on some of the tools and shiny objects I had in my business, he made me get rid of them."

Emmett has attended the last two Intensive workshops in Charlotte, alongside many other top producing agents in Lars' coaching program.

"[The April Intensive] was my very first one, in fact I had just started coaching with him two weeks before that. I came home kind of like deer in the headlight like where do we start? We're never going to get this all done. But with the help of the B-School Facebook Group and support from other coaching clients, it was actually pretty easy to get it all done.

"Being here is very very humbling, because Lars has some of the top agents in our marketplace, like pinnacle guys that are stuff of folklore and legend. You're sitting down at a table talking with these guys and they're just regular people just like you. They've just grasped the concept that Lars keeps preaching to me: keep it simple. It's all very simple, just do the small stuff day in and day out and you'll be successful."

Though there are still distractions in the real estate business, Emmett has a strategy and goals for the future of Carr Real Estate Group.

"Within the next 3 years, I want to be at 500 units. I definitely want a systematic business like Lars and many of the other top Boardroom members have, where they've stepped away from their business and they're able to look at it from a broader scope. Implement other states and bigger teams, and grow from there. But for right now, just to change lives through world class service in my effective service area, servicing 500 homes, 500 families per year."

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