How Bob Hertzog Is Setting Himself Up to Be the CEO of His Business

"I don't see myself ever leaving this program because it's always evolving. When Lars says something works, he's not just making it up. You can look at his numbers and see that it works."

Bob Hertzog (Phoenix, AZ) started coaching with Lars in early 2015, after working in real estate for nearly 16 years. He has built a team of thirteen agents. Now, he is getting to a point in his career when he no longer wants to be involved so much in the production end.

Bob has been in and out of coaching programs, but those programs focused more on becoming a top producer rather than a true team leader.
Bob Hertzog
(Phoenix, AZ)

"My true passion is helping other folks build their business. I don't want to be out showing houses anymore. I would like to be at the level where I'm out of production and just supervising agents."  

Bob shared his vision with other agents, who led him to Lars' coaching program.

"Our systems are a lot better, and so is tracking profitability. Most team leaders fail miserably at accounting for every dollar that goes in and out of their business. Lars' training takes you from recruiting agents all the way to system implementation."

Bob understands that getting the systems in place is important, but that he also needed to keep an eye on production. Instead of trying to implement the whole system at once and losing track of production, Bob focuses on one unit at a time.

"We started working on the business tracker right away because we wanted that in place before we looked at recruiting. There's a lot to this, and that's the great thing about it. There's so much information and so many systems available to you!"

Throughout Lars' coaching, Bob has started working on the Business Tracker, Marketing Materials, and Top Producer. The training has also helped him realize his ideal candidates for the operations manager and transaction manger positions.

"Now that we're settling the systems into place, we can start focusing on recruiting real talent to our team."

Unlike other coaching programs, Lars has really helped Bob take an important step towards his goal. Bob admits to being skeptical at the beginning of most coaching programs, but he could see that Lars was getting results.

"I'm going to listen, respect, and pay more attention to someone who is in the trenches doing it right now rather than someone who sold real estate for a year and is now a quote-unquote 'mega coach.' The beauty of Lars's system is he's in it right now, and as he finds new things that work, he shares them."

To other agents in the program, Bob offers some sound advice.

"The biggest thing is to take your time. Don't try to do it all overnight. You get a vast amount of information, so if you focus too much on that, you'll leave production out of the system and then you're stuck. You've got to continue producing income while you build the system out."

When it comes to skeptical agents in need of coaching, Bob says you have to be in the right frame of mind.

"You have to be someone who wants to get out of production and run a business. Not everybody is in that mode right now. That's what makes this so unique. Most people go into coaching to increase their sales. People in the program want to be the CEO of a business."

With his new systems and recruiting plan, the future looks bright for Bob Hertzog's business.

"Success to me is not being in the car and working weekends to show buyers homes. I don't want to do the 60 or 70 hour work weeks. I would rather train folks on our team to increase their business and become great real estate agents. I'll know I've succeeded when I have 15 agents selling 30 homes a year, and they all love what they are doing."

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