The Importance of Internet Lead Accountability Trackers


Today, I want to briefly cover a great tool: the internet lead accountability tracker.

If you have a buyer lead generation platform, like Commissions Inc. or Boomtown, you may or may not use an internet lead accountability tracker like this. Most of this is pretty self-explanatory, as it's just data input.

Once a week, my buyer ISA prepares an internet lead accountability tracker report that looks at various bits of information we've collected. It comes right out of our buyer lead management policy. These are the things they've committed to and agreed to do. Examples of accountability measures include "% of Leads w/ No Agent E-Alerts" and "% of Leads NOT Emailed"; both of these should be at 0%, whereas something like "% of Hot Leads Contacted in 7 Days" should be 100%.

Depending on where you are in the process, whether you have a buyer lead platform or not, there still are buyer leads that you want to make sure were handled properly. The internet lead accountability tracker is a framework to be able to do that.

This is what we do on the buying side, and it's simple, but powerful. We give our buyer agents buyer information sheets and packets, and we set about a third of their appointments for them. All of those appointments are tracked on buyer appointment tracker.

We have all of this organized on our calendar by marking listing appointments in green and buyer agent appointments in yellow, making it easy to toggle them to view what we want to view. Using this kind of calendar makes it easy for agents to set themselves and make their appointments known to everyone else on the team.

This isn't rocket science, but it's a great and effective way to keep your team accountable and track appointments for the week. Every appointment is tracked and our agents have to log two appointments a week. Taking a look at the buyer client pipeline report and weekly success tracker makes it easy for me to see how all the agents on my team are doing.

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