How Daniel Beer Finally Built a True Business Based on Sustainable Systems

“My wife always says she loves Lars, and she doesn’t even know him. My GCI will increase from $930,000 last year to $1.4 Million this year, but that’s not what I’m excited about. I'm finally getting the business systems in place to help me achieve a true work/life balance.” 

Daniel Beer ( is a San Diego, CA real estate professional in his 10th year in the business. He came across Lars online and was struck by his consistently sound advice and by the high level respect he always seemed to command.

Daniel was searching for “that next coaching company,” but he didn’t want the typical “Rah rah” coach - someone to teach him how to prospect or how to do real estate. He wanted a business consultant who also understood real estate.

What he found in Lars was a consultant who would address team structure, compensation, running meetings, efficiency, systems, hiring, recruiting – business issues that apply to any company regardless of industry.

Immediately after his first consultation with Lars, he placed an emphasis on addressing his compensation structure, team agreements, and finally recruiting. He started focusing on the right “who” – because great people are the foundation of a great business.

Daniel implemented the systems he learned from Lars to not only hire and retain several key employees but to create an environment that actually fostered their professional and personal growth. He also was able to start tracking the crucial areas of his business so he could pinpoint what was helping him generate business and what was being wasted.

And it’s been working. Last year team GCI was $930,000 - this year they’ll finish right around $1.4 million. More importantly, though, his work structure is more predictable, his team is now “unbelievably cohesive” for the first time, and it feels a lot more sustainable… like a real business.

The most pleasant surprise for Daniel has been the improvement of his life outside of work.

“My wife always says she loves Lars, and she doesn’t even know him,” says Daniel. “There’s always an emphasis on ‘What does a work/life balance look like?' I’ve never had anyone else hone in on that aspect before. I’m focusing on having a happy home, I’m eating healthy, I’m working out – it’s so obvious to me now that it all ties together into the business.”

He also stresses how much he’s benefited from the strong community with the other agents who are working on the same issues. Masterminding - not about chasing squirrels or new toys but about how to follow the well-defined business blueprint - provides unexpected added value not seen anywhere else.

“With Lars’s help I see this going to where we have predictable, sustainable revenue that runs with or without me. Where people are unbelievably happy working here on the team, and I’m using the business to fund the life that my family and I want to live."

"Life will look different if you implement his Modules one at a time," says Daniel. "I’m just thankful that I found it."

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