How John Mikesh Restructured His Business and Earned the Respect of His Team

“I’m finding what my true vision is as a leader and a business owner. It’s about taking care of the foundational business work so we can do what we want to do and be the person we were meant to be. Lars isn’t just telling you how to do that, he’s showing you the ways he’s effectively doing it right now.”

John Mikesh (http://www.roostre.comis a real estate agent in Mooresville, North Carolina who has been in real estate since 2003. He sought out professional help after his initial struggles trying to break into a brand new market - a market that was completely different in every way from the market he came from in Upstate New York. And that decision changed his business and his life for the better.

“I’ve been through many, many different coaching programs and learned a lot of great stuff from everybody, but I was really lacking in the systems department,” says John. “I had a lot of great tools I was having success with, but didn’t have a system to bring everything together.”

He first encountered Lars after working for the same brokerage and going through a few coaching programs together. At one point they were even in a mastermind together.

John was impressed by how dialed in Lars’s business was, he saw the systems he was running and how organized it was, and he knew he’d benefit from his help. After battling through a few initial fears, John finally began his journey working with Lars 3 months ago.

 “I think it’s important before coaching with anybody that you’re 100% ready, that you’re committed to implement what they’re teaching, otherwise you won’t benefit. I feared the pain of growth, knowing some uncomfortable changes and growth challenges were ahead if I was going to implement Lars’s program. ”

Lars immediately put in place the framework for putting everything together to where one each system integrates smoothly with the next and everything works together as a company as a whole. “It wasn’t really big, sexy shiny things. It was really being diligent about everything we do and making sure we’re getting the most out of everything we’ve already got.”

He’s seen plenty of results – some he expected and some he didn’t.

What he expected, and what he got, was a system he could implement and follow and know that it’s not going to change next month or next year. “It’s the fundamentals of business – foundational work,” says John. With those systems in place, he’s no longer stuck in the muck of the day-to-day operations, and he’s able to view and structure his business from a brand new perspective.

John also appreciates that Lars walks the walk. “He’s not just telling you what to do, he’s showing you the ways he’s effectively doing it right now.”

Looking back over the last few months, though, what John appreciates more is the unexpected results. He’s found his true vision as a leader and a business owner, and he’s able to illustrate and share his vision with his team. “It’s no longer a ‘Me vs. Them’ situation,” says John. “It’s a collaborative effort. I’m able to show my team that I care about them on a deep level.”

And his team recognizes it.

“I’m getting text messages and responses now that I’ve never felt like I’ve connected so deeply with my team. I can really focus on helping them be the best that they can be. I got an amazing message last week from one of my agents saying, ‘I’m so thankful and super excited about my future right now. I truly admire you and consider you a role model, someone that in many ways I want to be more like. I’ve made some big decisions lately, and now nobody is standing in my way.’”

John also benefits from the community with the other agents in Lars’s program. “It’s not about comparing numbers or talking about the latest tools. It’s about the vision and what goals we’re trying to accomplish. It’s about getting the systems in place so we can do what we want to do and be the person we were meant to be.”

“Other programs in the past just said, ‘Produce more, sell more, do more,’ and ultimately that’s not what it’s about – that’s not why we’re doing this. And Lars gets that.”

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