How Jason Daniels Saw a Huge Shift in His Business with Lars’ Coaching

“I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and increase production at the same time.”

Jason Daniels is a Realtor based in Colorado Springs. Over the past 12 years, Jason and his team have sold over 600 homes. Since he began coaching with Lars, Jason has seen his business change quite dramatically, and not just in terms of the numbers. 

Jason Daniels
(Colorado Springs, CO)
“I’ve restructured my team’s mission, goals, and values.”   

Jason truly appreciates the great variety of content that Lars delivers at each event. Over the last 12 months, Jason has really focused on rewriting the core values of his team. Jason is building a team so he can delegate everything he needs to in order to reach the next level. Lars has been able to provide systems that leverage his team and help his team grow. 

“We hire, recruit, and train around those goals, and we fire around those goals. We build the team up.” 

Leadership is a key component of Lars’s coaching, which Jason appreciates as not many other coaches focus on leadership. Being a leader is hard work, but Lars delivers a lot of great content at each intensive.

“Lars delivers a lot of good content that we can take back to the team as a constant reminder on how to grow as leaders.”

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