How Stacie Peterson Stopped Working with Clients and Increased Her Business 28%

"It was scary removing myself from the business. I didn't think we'd hit what we did last year, but we've already surpassed that with me completely out. He's helped me improve my finances, my health, my family... If there's other coaching like Lars I definitely don't know of it."

Stacie Peterson is a real estate professional in her 12th year in the business. She and her business partner Tyler Goff are now in their 4th year together as business partners at the Peterson Goff team in Sioux Falls, SD.

In the fall of 2013 Stacie saw Lars on a webinar, and he was sharing an 8.5" x 11" sheet of weekly, monthly, and yearly business and personal goals. She was inspired, and she asked Lars if he'd be comfortable sending her a copy, and he sent one over immediately.

Although, she'd never met or spoken to Lars before that point, she'd known of him for some time. "We used to be involved in the same organization," Stacie explains. "I had never met him personally, but I saw him winning all these awards and at the same time being a real person about it. I always had him on this pedestal."

Stacie's team did well in 2013, closing about 171 transactions last year, but they felt they had hit a wall. She was in her 3rd year on the new team, and she'd hoped to be further along by that point. She expected success to come faster and to be in a happier place than where she was. So, frustrated about where her business was at and the working she was putting into it, Stacie sent Lars a message asking to meet for a strategy session.

 "I asked for his help on Friday, and he told me 'I'm starting a coaching company on Monday.' I didn't believe he'd actually be ready that quickly, but sure enough he called us on Monday, and his program was fully fleshed out with everything ready to go. We hit the ground running. It was great."

The first thing Lars implemented for the business was to split Stacie's and Tyler duties, keeping Stacie running operations while moving Tyler to team management. "It honestly made all the difference," says Stacie. "That clarity from just the first few calls was amazing. The details from each coaching call, the action steps Lars gives, how present he is on the call - it was all exactly what we needed to finally move forward."

The first main focus point for Stacie's team was the implementation of Lars's Maximum Advantage Buyer System. "We had nothing for the buyers agents. We had never implemented a presentation we felt could be delivered. We had no tracking, no accountability, and our splits weren't working well for the agents or from a business standpoint."

Second was the listing side. Although they did a good job listing properties, Stacie felt her team lacked the proper tracking systems, and although her clients were happy, she felt they could do a better job of creating "raving fans." Client satisfaction improved dramatically once the Maximum Payoff Seller System was fully put into place.

"My favorite part is I'm not working with clients anymore," says Stacie. "I was a big part of the business. I was doing $10 million on my own, so to remove me from the business was scary. I didn't think we'd even hit what we did last year. But we did, we're going to close 220 deals this year with me completely out."

And it's a big reason her profitably is up. Immediately Lars evaluated what the company was spending money on and whether it was they needed to be spending. "We never used to track. I'd say 'I think it's a good system, I think it bringing us a sale.' And Lars told me, 'No. That's not how businesses make decisions. Business make decisions based on real numbers.' He was able to pinpoint for us what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong.

Stacie also appreciates Lars's accountability systems - not just the fact that he hold you accountable, but the way he does it. "He has his specific modules, and he has systems in place to help you implement them. It's very clear-cut and organized, plus he has a functioning real estate team that's doing really well. So everything he suggests is already tested and tracked. It's very real, and I like that.

"If he shows you a system, he'll give you the background on how it works, why it works, and how you can do it yourself in your business. There's always a plan in place in and a reason why."

But it's not just changes within the business that have made an impression on her. "Lars really takes a look at your health, your family life, your faith," says Stacie. "You can't be a good Realtor without having a well-rounded life. I came to him for help with real estate, but I came to realize my family was unhappy because I was always on the phone.

"You don't want to bust your butt and work really hard, and at the end of it have no family. It's not worth it. It's not worth missing the birthdays and the soccer games. Lars has small children just like I do, so he has a big heart to make sure you're there for them. He'll offer up information about conferences or books on improving your self worth, your health, your marriage, your faith, and that's something extra I hadn't seen."

She stresses it's not a magic pill. You have to put in the work. "But take a look at where he's at. If that's what you want - and it's definitely what I want - then it's worth it. I challenge you to find another coach who can help you build a functional, profitable team, who can also help you improve your family, your finances, and your health. If there is one I don't know of them."

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