How Robin Leigh Plans to Grow to 12 Offices in the Next 3 Years

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"Lars does things in real estate that only a fraction of 1% of people in the industry even know about. He takes everything he's done so successfully and says, 'Here. Here's how it's done.'"

Robin Leigh
Robin Leigh started in real estate 28 years ago and has a wide array of experience with all aspects of residential brokerage.

Over the last 14 years, Robin has worked with and benefited from several real estate coaches, but she could never find a coach who could provide a business model that would yield predictable and repeatable results.

Frustrated, she got out of the brokerage management side of real estate in 2008, focusing on investment properties and created her own home staging business. When the market improved, she got back into real estate and needed a coach who could provide the accountability and predictability she was looking for.

She met me in December 2013, and she was drawn to the practical hands-on direction, ideas, and systems my coaching provides. We were able create a step-by-step process that worked towards Robin's 3-year vision while keeping her grounded and addressing what she needed to do right away.

Listen to this brief interview with Robin as she describes the short- and long-term plans for taking her business to the next level in the coming years.

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