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Tiffany Johannes
(Charlotte, NC)
“I’ve implemented almost every system he has put out there and have really seen a growth. I went from about 87 transactions to 140 this last year.”
- Tiffany Johannes (Charlotte, NC)

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Greg Ismay
(Raleigh, NC)
“The single biggest thing I’ve taken away so far is the accountability for me and the accountability of team members to execute against standards.”
Greg Ismay (Raleigh, NC)

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Matt Greco
(Hudson, OH)
"I feel so much more inspired - more than usual. That’s not a light thing to say, but I’ve been so much more inspired coming out of this event to just really get after it and lead and help connect with my people and help them achieve the life that they never thought possible for themselves either.”
-Matt Greco (Hudson, OH)

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John and Michelle Taylor
(Wilmington, NC)
“The value is tenfold, a hundredfold, of what we get. The exercises he gives us, the path that he helps us develop, you just can’t miss it.”
-Michelle Taylor (Wilmington, NC)

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Andrew Lamb
(Vacaville, CA)
"It’s actionable steps, and implementation, and practical tools that you can use in your business so that you can go back and have things in place so that your business is better off.”
-Andrew Lamb (Vacaville, CA)

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Tyler Goff
(Sioux Falls, SD)
"The tools and the systems that he's given us have allowed us to hit our goals and to really take our team to where we want it to go."
-Tyler Goff (Sioux Falls, SD)

Jeremy Larkin
(St. George, UT)
“Technically, [Lars has] helped us go from being lost and worrying about where our business was going to 130 transactions in 2015.”
-Jeremy Larkin (St. George, UT)

"In 2013 and 2014, I wasn’t able to ever take a vacation. What happened to me in 2015, I was able to take 15 weeks of vacation unplugged."
-Dave Friedman (Charleston, SC)

Shawn Culhane
(Cedar Park, TX)
"This year we should do about $120 million over 400 sides and it will be very profitable. A lot better than it would be had we not met Lars."
-Shawn Culhane (Cedar Park, TX)

Kodi Riddle
(Scottsdale, AZ)
"The business has changed since coming on with Lars by implementing buyer loyalty appointments...their time is spent so much better in getting from loyalty to a contract in least amount of time, so [there's a] massive change there."
-Kodi Riddle (Scottsdale, AZ)

Justin Udy
(Salt Lake City, UT)
"I was doing great production, working really hard, making good money, but my biggest challenges were that I wasn’t spending the time with my family and I wasn’t going what I needed to progress."
-Justin Udy (Salt Lake City, UT)

“I know everything that’s going on now in my business. It feels like a real business now. Now, I can tell where all of our leads are coming from, and all the true numbers of my business.”
-Chris Colgan (Warrenton, VA)

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Jason Daniels
(Colorado Springs, CO)
“This year, so far, I’ll be out of the office sixteen weeks out of the year, still with production up. I’m spending that time with my family, learning, and coming to these events across the United States."
-Jason Daniels (Colorado Springs, CO)

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Kevin Yoder
(Grand Rapids, MI)
“Working on the business, rather than in the business, was foreign to me and now it’s very much a part of my days.”
-Kevin Yoder (Grand Rapids, MI)

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Sean Hellmann
(Albuquerque, NM)
"The great thing about B-School is we really all have the same systems, and we’re learning what we’re doing a little bit better."
-Sean Hellmann (Albuquerque, NM)

Pazi D.
(Atlanta, GA)
"You leave this intensive with some specific action items after just about every talk. We have action items of what I can do specifically and when I will get them done. It’s all stuff you can really do, it’s not just about mindset.”
-Pazi D (Atlanta, GA)

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John Mikesh
(Lake Norman, NC)
“In the time that I’ve been with Lars I have doubled my business and pulled myself out of the production side... In the Boardroom we can bounce ideas off of each other and solve recurring problems that people are having in their businesses. It’s a great filter for my business.”
-John Mikesh (Lake Norman, NC)

Jay Bourdana
(Brea, CA)
“I think Lars and I are similar in the way we think. I’ve only been coaching with him for six weeks, but I can already see that it’s paying off. I’m thankful that I met him so early in the process of building my team.”
-Jay Bourgana (Brea, CA)

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Donny Coram
(Colorado Springs, CO)
"What we do with Lars is more focused on exactly what to do next. It’s an eye-opening thing for me. You have to have a model that makes money and allows you to step out, I think that’s what I'm getting from Lars’ system.”
-Donny Coram (Colorado Springs, CO)

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Dave Hooke
(Carlisle, PA)
"Lars' coaching program is a lot different from the others that I've participated in. You learn to build a business from the bottom up, and it's been a great process. It's a lot of work, but it's all worth it."
-Dave Hooke (Carlisle, PA)

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Scott Ewell
(Austin, TX)
“We realized we couldn’t get to where we want without learning how to be leaders, how to track things, and invest in our people. When we saw what [Lars] had done and what he had built, we knew it was going to exponentially grow what we were already trying to do
-Scott Ewell (Austin, TX)

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Daniel Jones
(Cornelius, NC)
“Six to eight months ago, I had no clue. Using Lars’ systems, I have learned to track everything and take things step-by-step.”
-Dan Jones (Cornelius, NC)

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Johna Walker
(St. Robert, MO)
"Accomplishing goals is what gets me out of bed every day. This program gets me excited about life and it's extremely rewarding. I'd recommend Lars to anyone."
-Johna Walker (St. Robert, MO)

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Matt Greco
(Hudson, OH)
"Everything he provides is a proven system that he is currently using in his business right now. You're not trying out concepts; these are things that are relevant and currently used in his business now."
-Matt Greco (Hudson, OH)

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Joy Deevy
(Alexandria, VA)
"Lars is a great coach, and he's someone that I always want to be talking with and learning from."
-Joy Deevy (Alexandria, VA)

Damon Gettier
(Roanoke, VA)
"[Lars] told me my systems were set up, I had a good business, and I should go play with something else. Since then, I’ve been able to open up different companies and leave my real estate business alone.”
-Damon Gettier (Roanoke, VA)

John & Michelle Taylor
(Wilmington, NC)
"Lars' systems work even when we moved to a whole new market on an entirely different coast. We've already doubled what we did in San Diego and we've only been licensed for 14 weeks."
-Michelle Taylor (Wilmington, NC)

Sarah Pickens
(Blaine, MN)

“I feel successful already with everything we have done, but success for us is really continued growth."
-Sarah Pickens (Blaine, MN)

Lisa Herald
(The Woodlands, TX)
"Lars really is the greatest real estate coach out there and he has absolutely changed my life for the better."
-Lisa Herald (The Woodlands, TX)

Robert Freedman
(Manhattan Beach, CA)
"After this many years of being on my own, I want to create a legacy for myself once I've stepped away from the business."
-Robert Freedman (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Ryan Anderson
(Denver, CO)
"[Lars] is like a player's coach. He knows the game, and he's been there before. It's like having a player coaching, but he's still in the game."
- Ryan Anderson (Denver, CO)

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Oggie Penev
(Phoenix, AZ)
"My ideas for how to set up a real estate business was perfectly aligned with what Lars was teaching. It was a perfect fit...I see myself getting out of production and being the owner of the company."  
-Oggie Penev (Phoenix, AZ)

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Emmett Carr
(Atlanta, GA)
"We focused on 3-4 really good systems, and got those going the right way... It's all very simple, just do the small stuff day in and day out and you'll be successful."
-Emmett Carr (Atlanta, GA)

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Jason Secor
(Birmingham, AL)
"I found Lars to be the best fit for me just because the values that he brings to's made a tremendous impact on not only my business but just in my life in general."
-Jason Secor (Birmingham, AL)

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Adrienne Lally
(Honolulu, HI)
"We have improved with our conversion and the quality of leads that we're getting. Lars has a systematic approach and the blueprint to follow, so why try to re-invent the wheel? You'd be foolish not to at least give it a shot."
-Adrienne Lally (Honolulu, HI)

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Bob Hertzog
(Phoenix, AZ)
"I don't see myself ever leaving this program because it's always evolving. When Lars says something works, he's not just making it up. You can look at his numbers and see that it works."
-Bob Hertzog (Phoenix, AZ)

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Leslie Gossett
(Austin, TX)
“The main difference with Lars is his system. I think even a first-year agent could take this model and build a successful real estate business."
-Leslie Gossett (Austin, TX)

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Clayton Gits
(Richmond, VA)
"When I hire a coach I want someone to kick me in the butt and hold me accountable when I say I'm going to do something. [Lars] has the business acumen, the experience, and he's been in a place where most Realtors have not."
-Clayton Gits (Richmond, VA)

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Jason Curry
(Arlington, VA)
"Everything to create and run your business is all laid out there for you. It WILL make your life easier. It just makes more sense than trying to recreate the wheel. You will succeed."
-Jason Curry (Arlington, VA)

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Dan Jones
(Charlotte, NC)
"I was disorganized at the time, and I knew Lars had the answers, so I asked him to coach me. It's money well spent. He's paid for his own coaching by cutting my spending."
-Dan Jones (Charlotte, NC)

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Michelle and John Taylor
Wilmington, NC)
"Our business has dramatically changed, our vision has gotten considerably better, and our standard of life has improved dramatically. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to move their business forward!"
-Michelle and John Taylor (Wilmington, NC)

Steve Schwab
(Portland, OR)
"There is some tangible stuff [in Lars's program], whereas most coaches give a lot of talk but no content. He's got a great program, hands down. There aren't many programs out there like this."
-Steve Schwab (Portland, OR)

Annette Bohannon
(Tampa, FL)
"The difference between him and the other coaches is that we're actually doing the work. It wasn't easy and it takes a lot of time, but believe me, it's well worth it."
-Annette Bohannon (Tampa, FL)

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Mike Wall
(Dayton, OH)

"The great thing about working with Lars is that he took a 30,000 ft. view of my business and told me where I needed to start fixing things."
-Mike Wall (Dayton, OH)

Tyler Goff
(Sioux Falls, SD)
"It's been awesome for us, and we're really at peace with our business knowing that everything is set up for us to do exactly what we had set out to do four years ago. The sooner that you take the advice that Lars gives you, the better off you will be."
- Tyler Goff (Sioux Falls, SD)

Cristina Edelstein-Skurat
(Minneapolis, MN)

"If your goal is to have a business that's profitable and that you don't feel enslaved to it, and one that also has purpose and meaning outside of the business itself, Lars is really good at that. He's a visionary man."
-Cristina Edelstein-Skurat (Minneapolis, MN)

Chris Upham
(Washington, D.C.)

"Within a few months, I was able to hit my profitability targets through my coaching with Lars. He's really focusing on what are the basic, foundational things that you have to have."
-Chris Upham (Washington, D.C.)

Jeremy Larkin
(St. George, UT)
"When I realized [Lars] has figured out how to do way more than I'm doing in way less time, I said I've got to engage with him and find out what he's doing. We needed hardcore business strategy, and that's what Lars offered us."
- Jeremy Larkin (St. George, UT)

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Jason DeLong
(Kansas City, MO)
"It's helped us put the right things in the right place to help us be more efficient and more effective to get our sales and our profitability up...He's kind of a no BS guy and he's gonna see where you're at and see where you need to go"
- Jason DeLong (Kansas City, MO)

Tara Limbird
(Bentonville, AR)
"I felt like Lars was the right person because he had already proven himself. Everything is very systematic. Now I feel like I’m dialed into what I truly want our team to look like and feel like."
- Tara Limbird (Bentonville, AR)

Jana DeLong
(Kansas City, MO)
"We knew after the first conversation with Lars that it was a no-brainer. Instead of telling us to spend money on the latest and greatest thing, he knows how to keep your money in your pocket. "
- Jana DeLong (Kansas City, MO)

Tom Nickley
(Orlando, FL)
"Last year I did 4 transactions per month, and this year we're already up to 29 transactions in mid-March. I haven't gone out with a buyer since the day I started working with Lars. It's not just about seeing success, but having a quality of life and having a balance."
- Tom Nickley (Orlando, FL)

Brett Kelly
(Kalispell, MT)
"I've never had a coach this methodical as far as what to do first, second, third... Rather than spending money on a bunch of different systems, we're getting really good at a few. Your conversion goes up, your costs go down, your net profit goes up - it's perfect."
- Brett Kelly (Kalispell, MT)

Mike Quail
(Beverly, MA)
"I knew Lars was called a Squirrel Hunter - he likes to shoot down those distractions and just get you to focus on a couple areas. Last year we were around $300,000 GCI, and this past year we were over $500,000 without overspending."
- Mike Quail (Beverly, MA)

Chris Colgan
(Warrenton, VA)
"With Lars, he's genuine and he's 100% involved. He's got the tools and the systems in place to let you be successful, so you have to stick to the plan. Lars is successful because he has a great system, and last year I almost doubled my business following it."
- Chris Colgan (Warrenton, VA)

Scott Ashbaugh
(Kalamazoo, MI)
"I tell a lot of people out there, if you're ready to make the decision to step up, I know Lars is the guy. He's the real deal. He's scary good at what he does. This has been the best December/January - and I'm in Michigan in the dead of winter - that we've ever had."
-Scott Ashbaugh (Kalamazoo, MI)

Kerby Skurat
(Minneapolis, MN)
"Lars understands what it takes to run a business. Most agents are out of the business within 3-5 years because they don't get profitability. We've been trained with Lars's system, and it's just a profitable system. Our goal in 2015 is 316 transactions with 7 agents, and that's with me out of production."
- Kerby Skurat (Minneapolis, MN)

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Andrew Altman
(Phoenix, AZ)
"The amount of people calling me for business - I would say it's tripled, but it's way beyond that. So much has changed from when I met Lars that I can't even go through it all, because the whole business is totally different and runs so much smoother."
- Andrew Altman (Phoenix, AZ)

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Rebecca Coates
(Baton Rouge, LA)
"It's been the best decision we've ever made. Our business has doubled, and we can absolutely see that our business is going to triple. There's no doubt in our mind that these systems are working. I'm learning you can be successful in your career and not sacrifice your personal time."
-Rebecca Coates (Baton Rouge, LA)

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Chris Upham
(Alexandria, VA)
"Lars is about taking action. He helped me design and implement the fundamental systems I had been neglecting. Now, I'm finally paying myself. My business is profitable, and that's been huge for me and for my family."
-Chris Upham (Alexandria, VA)

Kevin Yoder
(Grand Rapids, MI)
"Lars offers more content and value than any coach I've worked with. It's not even the same type of coaching - he goes way deeper into the business. We have full access to his systems, and we're able to pull them up and put them in place in a plug-and-play way."
- Kevin Yoder (Grand Rapids, MI)

Jason Daniels
(Colorado Springs, CO)
"Lars delivers the most amazing real estate systems I've ever seen. If all he did was teach those, it would be worth it. But it goes way beyond that."
-Jason Daniels (Colorado Springs, CO)

Daniel Beer
(San Diego, CA)
“My wife always says she loves Lars, and she doesn’t even know him. My GCI will increase from $930,000 last year to $1.4 Million this year, but that’s not what I’m excited about. I'm finally getting the business systems in place to help me achieve a true work/life balance.” 
- Daniel Beer (San Diego, CA)

Stacie Peterson
(Sioux Falls, SD)
"It was scary removing myself from the business. I didn't think we'd hit what we did last year, but we've already surpassed that with me completely out. He's helped me improve my finances, my health, my family... If there's other coaching like Lars I definitely don't know of it."
-Stacie Peterson (Sioux Falls, SD)

Damon Gettier
(Roanoke, VA)
 "It's an eye-opening, awakening experience to see your business for what it really is. Lars's coaching is real, it's hands-on, it's practical, and it's why I plan on doing 400 deals this year."

- Damon Gettier (Roanoke, VA)

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Robin Leigh
(Scottsdale, AZ)
"Lars does things in real estate that only a fraction of 1% of people in the industry even know about. He takes everything he's done so successfully and says, 'Here. Here's how it's done.'"
-Robin Leigh (Scottsdale, AZ)

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Lisa Herald
(The Woodlands, TX)
"I can honestly say that this is changing my life. I know that in my bones. Lars has helped me take the big picture and put it into bite-sized pieces where I can actually get traction. It's very,very high touch - much higher touch than with the coaches I've had before - so I have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge."
- Lisa Herald (The Woodlands, TX)

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Carlos Tovar
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
"Lars Hedenborg has been a great inspiration to me, before I knew Lars, I wasn’t so sure how I was going to accomplish my short & long term goals; now I have clarity of what to do in order to accomplish them I can see that it is not that complicated to have a successful business."

- Carlos Tovar (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
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Eric Mieles
(Orlando, FL)
"Part of my morning habits is gratitude time. I truly appreciate the time Lars took to help answer my questions and guide me.  As someone who hungers for greatness in this field I was somewhat down on myself for lack of results I've had. After the call I remembered what coaches are for and to that I say thank you and have a great day!!"
- Eric Mieles (Orlando, FL)

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Bruce Hill
(Roanoke, VA)
"Working with Lars over the past few months has been the most business enlightening experience I have ever had.  We are already gaining a crazy amount of traction in our business that can be directly linked to Lars and his input."
- Bruce Hill (Roanoke, VA)

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CJ Johnson
(Denham Springs, LA)
"Lars has helped me envision a future, personally and professionally, that I could not have imagined without his direction and leadership. I truly feel working with Lars is the best decision we have made in our 19 months of being in business!"
-CJ Johnson (Denham Springs, LA)

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John Mendoza
(Des Moines, IA)
"After only two calls with Lars, I was blown away at the amount of things we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Thanks Lars for listening intently to my personal goals that I wish to achieve for my business and family, and putting me on the path for fast growth and continuous future success." 
- John Mendoza (Des Moines, IA)

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