How Chris Colgan Nearly Doubled His Business in 2014

"With Lars, he's genuine and he's 100% involved. He's got the tools and the systems in place to let you be successful, so you have to stick to the plan. Lars is successful because he has a great system, and last year I almost doubled my business following it."

In early 2014, Warrenton, VA Realtor Chris Colgan ( decided he needed a real estate coach who could provide some stability to his business. He was successful, but he was always chasing some new method of improving his business; there was no sense of of direction. After a phone call with Lars, he knew he'd found the coach he was looking for.

Right away, Lars was able to pinpoint the systems Chris was spending money on that weren't working for him. Lars's message was simple: You need to simplify your business. Cut the unnecessary expenses and increase your net profit.

With Lars's tracking systems, Chris was able for the first time to see exactly what was and wasn't getting a good Return on Investment.

"Now, I actually have a system in place. I know all my numbers, and I was able to use Lars's tracking tools to say, 'Okay, this isn't working, so I'll cut this off. And this is working, so I'll do more of that.' Last year I almost doubled my business, so it's been really beneficial for me."

Chris also appreciated Lars's straightforward and unique approach to understanding the real estate business as a whole. It was an expanded view that he felt other real estate coaches lacked.

 "I kind of joke that any coach you talk to is gonna say, 'Hey, just jump on the phones and start calling, and you're gonna be successful. If you don't hit your goals, then you're not calling enough.' I learned from Lars that, yeah, that is an important thing to do, but there's more to it."

And while making more money is an important part of the program, Chris has been just as successful from a personal development standpoint as well.

"Obviously at the end of the day, if you don't have a good personal life, it doesn't really matter. He really helped me to get healthier and to see that, hey, there are more things in my life than just real estate. I'm spending free time with my wife, and using my free time to hold my personal life accountable."

Chris's vision for his business was clear from the beginning, and he feels he's well on his way to making that vision a reality.

"I don't want any debt, I don't want to owe any money on my house, I want a lot of money in the bank, and I want a great team that runs successfully with or without me."

Though he feels he owes much of his success today to Lars and his program, Chris is clear about one thing: You have to be willing to put in the work.

"Don't expect Lars to rub a lamp and make everything happen for you. He's definitely got the tools and systems in place to be successful, so it's really up to you. You've got to go all in."

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