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My goal with these webinars is to give you an opportunity to expand your view of the real estate world. We have a LOT of information to cover on each call. We generally include an overview of the framework of my coaching, how I built my business in order to step out of it, and how you can apply what I'm teaching so you can do the same thing.

99% of real estate agents will run their business as a sole practitioner working in their business instead of on it. What I do in this space is help agents see that there is a way to create systems and build up a profitable teams. So check out these webinars as I explain what I did well - and what I messed up along the way- so you can learn how to build a "real" real estate business.

How My Team Will Sell Over 400 Homes This Year and I Only Work 1 Day per Week

Learn How I Sold Over 300 Homes in 2014 Working Only 1 Day per Week

How to Build Systems, Scale Your Business, & Get the Heck Out of It

Tired of Working With Buyers? Here's How to Do it Effortlessly

How My Team Put 45 Homes Under Contract Last Month and I Didn't Go on a Single Appt

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Building a Profitable, Powerhouse Real Estate Team

How to Dominate Your Day; Personal Productivity Strategies of a Renegade Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Harnessing the Power of Momentum

How to Maximize Listing Lead Generation in ANY Market

Learn the Step By Step Process I Went Through to Sell 300+ Homes This Year Working 1 Day A Week

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