How My Team Put 45 Homes Under Contract Last Month and I Didn't Go on a Single Appt

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In this webinar we focused on the power of leverage and how understanding this helped me have the best closing month since I've been in business - and I only went into the office twice. Listen in as we cover everything from critical technologies to mindset shifts to organizational structures that can maximize your results. I even threw in an important exercise at the end that can help you take your business to the next level if you choose to participate.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(2:40) A quick overview of The Lars Group. See the vision and organizational structures that worked for me
(6:52) The 3 Key points of leverage to achieve incredible results
(9:54) Internet buyers - the basis for building a team and leveraging yourself with buyer agents
(10:43) Yard Marketing to leverage your listings to drive overall ROI
(11:35) The most effective farming methods. Direct mailing, expired mailings, geographic farming, and outbound calling
(13:00) Raving Fan Club. ROI with this marketing pillar is off the charts
(16:40) What are the 4 critical technology tools that every business must have
(23:06) Critical mindset shifts that will help you build a business that truly serves you
(30:22) Calculating how much your time is worth and start thinking about that number ALL the time
(35:10) How real estate consumers are evolving and what it means for you
(37:37) The 3 elements of the corporate model. Leverage yourself through better orgnaization and delegation
(42:01) Transitioning from the Principal Agent Model to a Corporate Structure. The key to working ON your business instead of in it
(43:54) Do this exercise. Answer these 3 important questions and change your life
(47:23) A special announcement: How you can access the industry's best business training available

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