Monthly Live Hangouts
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In each of these transformational client interviews, we talk with one of my clients who's been successful in turning around their business since we started working together. Our goal on these Hangouts is to bring as much value to viewers as possible. 

We discuss each client's unique struggles and ultimate success in moving from a producer to a business owner. I LOVE seeing the passion my clients have for changing their lives. Just a fair warning, though - we go pretty deep in these interviews. And yes, there have even been a few tears shed. Enjoy.

How Stacie Peterson & Tyler Goff Plan to Do 300 Transactions While Staying Out of Production

How Sarasota Realtor Robert Tucker Went From $17M to $30M in Sales in One Year

How Grand Rapids Realtor Kevin Yoder Plans to do Over 200 Sides Per Year While Working 1 Day a Week

How Albuquerque Realtor Sean Hellmann Will Go From 40 Deals to 80 Deals While Doubling His Time Off

How Colorado Springs Realtor Jason Daniels Will Close 175 Transactions With 12 Weeks Vacation

How Orlando Realtor Tom Nickley Will Increase Production by 140% on Zero Appointments

How Brett Kelly Will Sell 250 Homes Without Going on Any Listing Appointments

How Charleston Realtor Dave Friedman Will Increase Sales From 60 to 132 Deals This Year

How Realtor Kerby Skurat Will Sell 316 Homes in 2015 Going on Zero Appointments

Mastering the Business Side of Real Estate: How Daniel Beer Increased Team GCI 50% in 1 Year

How to Integrate Systems to Create a Dialed in Business w/ John Mikesh

How to Run a Successful Business without Sacrificing Your Family Life w/ Justin Udy

How Developing a Strategic, Laser-Focused Direction Helped Lisa Herald Double Her Sales in 6 Months

How Jason Daniels Increased Production While Taking More Time Off

How Stacie Peterson & Tyler Goff Overcame "Burnout" and Built a Sustainable Business

How Andrew Altman Revolutionized His Real Estate Business in Only 6 Months

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