How Developing a Strategic, Laser-Focused Direction Helped Lisa Herald Double Her Sales in 6 Months

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As promised here's the full on-demand replay of our live Google Hangout On Air event How Developing a Strategic, Laser-Focused Direction Helped Lisa Herald Double Her Sales in 6 Months.

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Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you: 

(3:30) How Lisa Herald handled the ups and downs of running a real estate business. 
(6:10) What got her thinking she needed to make changes? 
(8:45) How the Mission, Vision, Purpose Exercise energized Lisa. 
(12:52) How did Lisa make the big shift to get to the path she's on now? 
(18:55) How did the team building process go at first? 
(25:10) Lisa's results. 
(30:45) Specifics of implementing the system. 
(33:17) How important is structure and accountability to helping your agents find success? 
(40:45) When do you start the buyer team process? What's working for Lisa and Lars? 
(46:20) Getting your team to take ownership of their work. 
(48:28) Changing your personality to be a better leader. How did Lisa make it happen? 
(53:30) Lisa's 20-pound weight loss. Finding balance between work and life. 

A big thanks to Woodlands Realtor Lisa Herald for sharing her great story about how she went from having a chaotic, unorganized business to a focused and successful one. She predicts her business will be up 230% over last year, and she still has time to address areas of her personal life that need attention. She is truly an inspiration for everyone who thinks it’s too late to change their business and their life! 

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Thanks everyone for attending the event. We hope to see you next month!  

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