How Lisa Herald Matched Last Year's Production in a Quarter of the Time

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"I can honestly say that this is changing my life. I know that in my bones. Lars has helped me take the big picture and put it into bite-sized pieces where I can actually get traction. It's very,very high touch - much higher touch than with the coaches I've had before - so I have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge."

Lisa Herald
Earlier this year, Lisa Herald and I set out on a mission to build a real estate business. She'd been a licensed Realtor for over 14 years, 

Lisa had had numerous coaches throughout her career, always seeking out a system that was better than what she was finding on her own. And despite consistent production, she'd been left feeling exhausted and even a little despondent.

When a mutual friend introduced Lisa to me, I saw that what she needed most was a focused plan. She was given "dozens upon dozens" of personalized, customized documents that provided structure for everything from her buyer listings to team organization to her business organization.

Lisa was so committed to taking action on the things she learned that she was able to get done in 3 months what many get done in a year.

Listen to this short interview where she describes how she implemented systems, overhauled recruiting, and finally built out a complete business infrastructure that has her business running more efficiently than ever.

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