How Jay Bourgana Began to Build His Team Using Lars’ Systems

“I think Lars and I are similar in the way we think. I’ve only been coaching with him for six weeks, but I can already see that it’s paying off. I’m thankful that I met him so early in the process of building my team.”

Jay Bourgana (Brea, CA) has been coaching with Lars since September 2015. Jay is in the process of building his team, shifting his focus away from lead generation for the moment. 

Jay Bourgana
(Brea, CA)
“We had a lot of success working online leads to a point where we got overwhelmed. I’m building a team, and I’m finding that we need more structure and processes for the way we do things, so that’s something that attracted me to Lars. He’s very systematic and strategic in building processes for long-term growth.”  

Jay has used Lars’ system to successfully hire a buyer’s agent. He has also implemented some accountability tools. 

“My last recruit has turned out to be a really good team member, very productive and effective for the next few years. I’ve implemented some of the accountability tools, as well as some of the technology tools, like Top Producer. There’s a lot of content in Lars’ system, and it feels like I’m drinking from a fire hose, but I’m taking it one piece at a time.”

Now, Jay is focused on growing his team in order to achieve his ultimate goal. 

“I want to hire the right people for the right jobs so we can go back to lead generation. We will unleash the lead generation and recruiting tools in order to nurture and convert at a high level. We will bring in strong buyer agents and other team members to help convert those leads at a high level.”

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