How Kevin Yoder Developed a Solid Foundation for his Business with Lars' Coaching

“Working on the business, rather than in the business, was foreign to me and now it’s very much a part of my days. ”

Kevin Yoder is a Realtor based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started in the real estate industry in 2002. Up until 2011, he was a sole proprietor and conducted his business entirely independently. He started hiring team members, and realized he needed a stronger future vision for his company. He then met Lars sometime in 2014, when his professional life took a drastic turn for the better.
Kevin Yoder
(Grand Rapids, MI)

“Meeting Lars somewhere in 2014 has given me new insight.”

Kevin applauds Lars for helping him develop systems, structures, and visions for business. He started looking a decade ahead and identifying where he wanted to be. Additionally, he has transitioned his business model into a franchise type to expand and serve more clients. In hindsight, he wishes he would’ve incorporated equity valuation sooner. It’s a tool, more than just a traditional CMA, that pulls together a home’s market analysis. He considers himself now more of an industry expert.

“This allows us to think things through, giving us time to put down on paper what we’re doing to do next, why we need to do it, and how we’re going to do it.”

Leadership encompasses Lars’s coaching, which Kevin tremendously admires. Although there are different topics and strategies discussed, he ultimately learns how to better lead his team and the surrounding community. Compared to other events and coaches, he gets the most from Real Estate B-School.

“Being in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, that are big thinkers, is huge for me.”

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