Use Team Contests to Get The Most Productivity Out of Your Agents


Monthly contests within your team can be tricky to track. My team got a little lax on yard sign calls and our answer rate even dropped down to 55%; we formed a game around it and got that number back up to 90%.

We usually give bonuses to contracts executed over $1 million. My employees receive a $1,000 bonus for that. Going back to Scaling Up, I like to create a quarterly theme. You have to commit to a Lead Management Policy and then it’s easier to track and scale which of your agents are performing the best. 

I would go a bit farther and track appointments met, and the number of buyer loyalty agreements that your agents had signed. Buyer loyalty agreements mean that they can hold open houses, contact their sphere, work internet leads, work yard sign calls, or even door knock. 

Pick a goal that’s going to make them focus on many different things instead of one thing. Responding to a lead in 5 minutes is a good idea for a prize, but that puts the agent’s focus on only one very small part of the business. Stretch out the parameters for the prize.

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