How Kevin Yoder Uses Documented Systems to Constantly Improve His Business

"Lars offers more content and value than any coach I've worked with. It's not even the same type of coaching - he goes way deeper into the business. We have full access to his systems, and we're able to pull them up and put them in place in a plug-and-play way."

Grand Rapids Realtor Kevin Yoder ( had been in real estate since 2000, working solo with no assistants or other agents, before deciding to start a team in early 2011. Without the proper systems in place, though, his new team lacked the foundation of solid business principles on which successful teams are built.

"Even though we doubled in volume for three years straight," says Kevin, "the systems were either nonexistent or a complete mess. That led me down this road of slowing things down and identifying what systems need to be put in place and which ones were faulty or insufficient."

Despite the consistent growth of his business, he lacked the ability to track those numbers to any meaningful degree. "It's not a good place to be for a business that'll reach $1 million in gross revenue. I needed to make that happen this year, and I needed to align myself with somebody that had done that before, that had really great systems and processes, and understands from where it is that I am coming."

"That's why we ended up aligning ourselves with Lars. He's been there; he's been in the trenches."

Kevin describes his work with Lars so far as an all-encompassing approach to enhancing his business. From putting in place the Business Tracker to segmenting his database to Buyer Agent accountability, no area of his business went unexamined during Lars's initial assessment.

"There are probably twenty things we've done since we started that are new and have improved the business," says Kevin. "It's a work in progress. When you're working to build a solid foundation, you're not just saying, 'Oh, this is great' overnight.

"But I would say, from where the business was last year, from a systems standpoint, we've at least improved by 50%. It's not even in the same realm, and that's a scary thing to think about. But it's also very comforting to know that we have improved."

With full access to Lars's documented systems, Kevin is able to lean on Lars's expertise on an almost daily basis to take his business where it needs to go. The wealth of information within the program allows Kevin to be constantly improving, always finding ways to tweak, revise, and refine his processes to move the dial on his business.

"Sometimes we pull up something we didn't know existed, and we're able to put it in place in a plug-and-play way. That's the other benefit, that he has a lot of that stuff available to you."

It's a complete 180 from Kevin's previous real estate coaching experiences. He's found more depth, more content, and more value. "It goes way deeper into the business. It's not your typical Rah-Rah coaching call. It's delving deep into your main objectives each call.

"With other coaching companies, there wasn't any accountability - making sure you did what you promised you would do. That's why this is different."

And that level of accountability extends well beyond improving business systems.

"We recently went to the event in Charlotte, and he had us put together for the next year, for business and personal, areas of improvement. We did the exercise, going through that process and identifying which parts of our life we'd like to make an improvement in. Getting back to reality and reviewing that daily, it's made a huge impact. It comes to fruition because you read it every day."

So where does Kevin see his business headed? His ultimate vision of success with Lars's program means growing his business to the 7th Level - to operate his business as a true CEO - with a business that's running without his daily intervention.

"I'll be working one day a week. I'll increase my annual vacations to six weeks. I'll spend more quality time with my family than I ever have in my life.  I'll have built a business we're proud of that's serving our clients in a big way and impacting the lives of others. I look forward to the opportunity to invest my passion in other businesses as well."

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