How Dan Jones Has Cut Costs and Built Out His Team with Lars' Coaching

"It's money well spent. He's paid for his own coaching by cutting my spending."

Dan Jones (Charlotte, NC) has been in real estate since 2009, but needed more direction when building out his team. After working as a buyers agent on Lars' team, Dan decided to follow his own path.
Dan Jones
(Charlotte, NC)

Flipping houses provided short-term stability, but Dan wanted more security for his team. In early 2015, he decided to reach out to Lars for coaching.

"I was disorganized at that point, and I knew Lars had the answers, so I asked him to coach me."

"We were selling homes, but all over the place with no direction."  The number one thing we had to get together was get everyone on the buyers side together as far as

"Holding agents accountable, incorporating the buyer tracker systems, and generating some more high quality leads were some of the first things we implemented with Lars."

Since starting the coaching program, Dan has been seeing more consistency in his business. Huddle calls and team training have contributed to more unity and focus on his team as they continue to grow.

In addition to growing his business, Dan has set some personal goals as well.

"Now I put more emphasis on going to the gym 4 days/week and eating healthy. It's like constantly having a friend on your shoulder along the way."

Dan also offers tips for anyone to maximize their success with Lars' coaching.

"You truly have to implement one thing at a time. Focusing on one, two, three projects at a time that you and Lars think would fit your business the best, and keep your eyes on them."

As for the cost of coaching, Dan says it immediately paid off.

"It's money well spent. He's paid for his own coaching by cutting my spending."

Dan's long term goal is to build a business that can run without him in the office every day, and he is confident he will have the tools and systems in place to do it.

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