Determine The Core Values and Behaviors that Will Motivate Your Team


How do you determine what your core values are as a company? 

If you do the exercise right, you definitely don’t want to get a collective consensus on them. For those of you that were at the Intensive, you’ll find a Core Values Brainstorming exercise on page 78. There are two columns on that page: Embodying Person on the left and Qualities, Characteristics, & Behaviors on the right.

It’s the job of the senior leaders on the team to pick people on the team that are embodying people, people who embody certain characteristics, qualities, and behaviors. Once you’ve listed those things on the worksheet, you are going to pull out the key words and bunch them together. 

On my team, we ended up with “we hustle and work hard,” “we’re constantly learning,” “we’re always seeking excellence,” “we have a growth mindset,” and “we bring a positive attitude.” These are the five things that the people we selected from our team embodied, and they became our core values.

On page 80, you can see how we listed out all the core values side by side, with a slot for the names of each team member on the left, so that we can compare them. Also on the chart is the “Gets It,” “Wants It,” and “Capacity” sections that help to keep tabs on how each member is doing. This is the kind of exercise you need to do in order to suss out the kind of values that you, and eventually your team, hold dear.

At the end of it, it’s not what you want to be, it’s what you are. There is a good article called “Make Your Values Mean Something” that is a really cool article I highly recommend checking out. After reading it, this should all make a whole lot of sense. This exercise is something that has really changed the way we look at our team!

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