Embrace Fear and Discomfort as a Path to Growth


How many scored over 70% for fear? We got just about a handful. Everyone else is afraid to raise their hand. I don’t know if I would test high in this, but as I would achieve higher in different levels, I would feel more fear the more achievements I have. There’s more people saying things about me that aren’t true and all this stuff goes along with it. I feel fear more than I ever had. It’s not the coolest feeling.

Some strengths - fear gives you the ability to think ahead. It gives you sharp analytical skills and thorough troubleshooting. Distorted beliefs, attitudes and behaviors include procrastination and avoidance, pessimism and cynicism, comfort more important than growth. We actually went through this in our men’s group, being in a comfort zone rather than growth.

Some questions to consider: What are the things you’re avoiding? What does business planning look like for you? These folks aren’t necessarily good business planners. If you have someone in your organization you’re trying to make into a leader that has fear, it might not be great for a fuller picture. What is your biggest fear about yourself?

Key transformations. I think Kodi you raised your hand for this one. You’re really good at being, “okay, this sounds really scary,” but you just step into it like the transaction fees. A year from now, when you’ve collected like $25,000 of transactions, you’ll tell yourself you should’ve done it years ago. Acknowledging fear rather than acting it out, embracing discomfort as path to growth. That’s one thing I’ve become really good at.

I’m just gonna do it and declare different things and make stuff happen and fail fast and try to do best and learn quick and start a coaching company and impact lives and show all the mistakes I’ve made. Embracing that discomfort. What people think of you doesn’t matter.

Being in the most discomfort with growth, stand in front of your team and tell them to get into the office early or we’ll adhere to this buyer management policy. There’s bigger stuff in the world and we have this fear around smaller things. Decisive and courageous action.

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