Two Powerful Tools to Revv Up Your Referral Business


I want to give you a free gift today that's meant to jumpstart your progress in the referral business. The referral business builder is my free gift. There are two different things in it. One of them is the referral card, and you need to give it to your graphics person so that they can recreate it for you.

This reminds me of an experience I had with a Cutco salesperson, and this is why I asked my graphics guy to create a brochure that asked for referrals. But back to Cutco - this salesperson sold us $650 knives that we didn't need, and she said she was referred to us by a friend, although she wasn't actually referred by anyone.

When she was collecting our credit card information, she drew the numbers 1-10 on a sheet of paper and then 11-20. She pushed the piece of paper towards me and told me they're having a contest, and that if I gave her 10 referrals tonight, she could win a trip to Mexico. I didn't give her any referrals right away, but I took that piece of paper and made these cards.

I recreated these cards to tell people that we're regrowing our business and we need help. There's a special number on it to track these leads, and we offer them a little incentive to refer people to us. You should give these cards to your clients four different times throughout the transaction: when they agree to do business with you, when they go under contract, when they close, and then 30 days after when you're doing a follow-up call. Put them all over your office and make a habit out of using these cards. This will double, triple, and maybe even quadruple your business.

The other tool for you is a testimonial that we use at the end of every transaction. We congratulate them on selling their home and ask them to rate how we did in helping them. The first question we ask them is how likely they are to refer a friend to The Lars Group. We also include a $10 Starbucks card to thank them for their patronage. We actually get a lot of these filled out, and we get a lot of 10's, but the 5's 6's and 2's are the scores that are important because that's your opportunity to learn how you can improve your business. Unhappy clients are valuable, and you need to get on the phone with them right away to work out those issues.

Use these tools and let me know how they're working for your business.

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