Scale Your Business With Organized Systems from the Start


I’m going to unpack this here. This is the Real Estate Business Navigator, which helps explain how I went from survival mode in a corporate job to building my business to improving my operations. Now, I’m shifting towards business ownership. My job now ultimately helps agents ascend this mountain with less time, frustration, and wasted money.

The "Ramp" Phase

Now, we enter the “ramp” phase. You’re getting busy. You’re feeling hopeful about your process. However, your time is not your own. Business dominates your time from weekends to every moment you check your phone. You can’t even unplug for a few hours. At this point, you’re doing it all yourself. You’re starting to realize you have to concentrate on DPAs, or dollar productive activities. To solve this wrenching dilemma, hire a quality admin to get relief from buyers. Most agents, even the top talent, don’t move past this phase and burn out.

The "Scale" Phase

The “scale” phase initiates an organized business system. If you don’t handle this stage properly, you’ll get overwhelmed easily and quickly. Agents hide behind successful business to cover up an unbalanced life. You could suffer from a serious lack of home life balance or poor health. They might claim finding buyer agent talent is tough to find, but might not look in the right places.

Still, you’re the major producer on your team. Fortunately, building systems provide sustainability to keep stepping up the ladder. It’s likely your admin staff is getting stretched thin, so you’ll need to compliment their work by adding talent. Consider a virtual assistant. The ultimate vision is that your business should take on a life of its own!

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