Design Your Sales Process to Meet All of Your Clients' Needs


A large part of determining your sales process is pinpointing the purchase needs of your customers. There are seven categories that I like to look at, and I start with Information.

You'll need to know what your buyers need. Understanding is another aspect, and this is because you must help to interpret the facts. You can determine how much information or understanding your customer needs by filling in the box ranked 'high' to 'low'. In my opinion, buyers probably don't have as much of a need for information as sellers.

There are other things like reassurance, advice, and assistance that buyers may need more of, but I'd always say that sellers will need a high level of information. Assistance is something that buyers and sellers will both need a lot of. You just want an understanding of your customers' needs. These are pretty basic things, but having this conversation in your mind is very helpful to serving them at a high level.

Think carefully about how your customers go about making their purchase decisions. Visualize them. Feel what they feel. Then for each need category, briefly but specifically describe what your customers need, and over what time frames they need it in, in order to reach the right purchase decision for them. I know that we don't do enough of this at my office. We've sold hundreds of homes, and we're not thinking about what a first time buyer feels.

I'll break down the customer needs individually:

  • Information: The facts. Providing information about the service, how to get it, what it does - anything the customer wants to know.
  • Understanding: Interpretation of the facts. Customers want to know what conclusions to draw. They want to understand what it means for them.
  • Needs clarification: Many customers don't understand their needs and desires and are grateful for help in clarifying their needs.
  • Advice: Customers want advice from a source that is objective and impartial or biased in their favor.
  • Assistance: Sometimes customers need more than information and advice - they need someone to help assist them with the process.
  • Reassurance: Customers want to feel like they are making the right purchase decision. Providing them with reassurance, based on their needs, ensures a win-win situation.
  • Transaction processing: This is the sales transaction itself. Money in exchange for services. Preparing and executing paperwork for purchasing a home is a good example.

After analyzing this information you can then go back and find out what is messed up about your buyer sales process. This is not difficult stuff, you just have to slow down and think about it.

Once you have some ideas, write them down on the improvement sheet. In that same space, create a list of questions to ask your buyer prospects and seller prospects. Once you can figure these things out, you can provide top-tier customer service to all of your clients.

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