Achieve The 4 Essential Freedoms of an Entrepreneur


I use this scorecard personally. It's not easy to be an entrepreneur. We take risks. It's a lonely world at times. We left consistent corporate jobs to do this work. However, this is the opportunity you have that others don't. The ability for you to craft your life in a way to build out your business in your way, where you can have:

  • Freedom of time. You want to spend your working life doing what you really enjoy doing, and you also want the freedom to spend time not working too, so you can have a full life and pursue your other interests. That's one score on the scorecard.
  • Freedom of money. You don't want a ceiling on how much money you can make for doing a great job, for coming up with valuable new solutions or inventions. And if your efforts generate money, you don't want anyone dictating how much of that money you can keep. We take big risks, but we have big rewards.
  • Freedom of relationships. The whole reason to build this thing out like a business, where you don't have to be dragged into every drama your clients have, that's the motivation I had to get out of production and leveraging myself. There are certain people you love working with, inside and outside of your business, and you want to spend more and more of your time surrounded just by these people you click with.
  • Freedom of purpose. Your business is not just a job or a career. It's a vehicle to all sorts of things that relate to your fundamental values and ideals in life. This allows you to have a tremendous sense of purpose for being on this planet.

That's just the scorecard I use, and I use this in a lot of decisions. If something's not going to give me more freedom, I'm not going to pursue it. As long as I can do all of that and not have less time and less money, I'm building my business out in a way where I'm not going to have to sacrifice any of those freedoms.

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