Welcome New Client Brian Reed

How did you first hear about Lars?
I actually saw Lars come up through another coaching organization. He went from hard knocks like we did and became quite a success story, so I saw him become pretty successful. Eventually he moved off and did his own coaching organization and saw him start taking off there as well.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?
We've been with other coaching agencies and we've grown, but I think things have gotten a little bit stagnant. I've seen fellow realtors that have grown with [Lars] and so I thought it was a good time to get a change and a different perspective.

Where is your business at right now?
This year, we'll do about 100 transactions and $15M in volume. We started the year off with one administrative staff and two buyers agents, and now we have two administrative staff, an ISA, and five buyers agents, so we're looking to at least double it up next year.

Why did you feel Lars was the best option for you?
We're just getting started, but he's an implementer and he helps people implement things. I think we know what to do, it's just maybe not knowing what to do first. Just having somebody who's already gone through it just give us a little direction.

What does success with this program look like to you?
For us, it's about getting out of the business more - not working nights, not working weekends. Just providing a better lifestyle for everybody on our team as well, and creating a family and culture within our team.

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