Utilize One on One Meetings to Empower Your Agents


Jared asks, "What’s the best way to run one on one meetings? Should it be weekly or every two weeks? And for how long should you meet?"

The book Weekly Coaching Conversation says that you should really just be helping your agents run their business. I would do a short, fifteen minute weekly meeting in a coffee shop or whatever. I’d timeblock this out too, and have a structured agenda. Start with a positive focus, discuss their weekly scorecard, talk about their activities throughout the week, and also assist them with anything that they need help with.

I’d suggest a little longer meeting once per month, and in this meeting you can delve outside of the business. See how their family is doing, and what sort of personal goals they have. 

For your administrative staff, you can hold quarterly reviews to discuss their development. Have your admin keep a list of issues with them so that they aren’t peppering you throughout the week with things. Use this time resolve issues and set goals for the upcoming weeks.

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