The Dangers of Over-Achieving


How many of you scored over 70% on Over-Responsibility? About five. 

Strengths of an over responsible leader: Enormous care, commitment, and responsibility. Their distorted beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors include the needs of others more important than their own, confronting people should be avoided, and everyone and everything depends on me. They just take the whole world on themselves.

Questions to consider: “How do you take care of yourself with all the stress?”, “Do you tend to meet others’ needs before yours?”, “What does accountability look like on your team?”, and “Do you ever feel taken advantage of?” 

Key transformations: Trying to spare others discomfort is you avoiding it, realizing your needs must come first, and stop care-taking behaviors.

How many overachievers? This one is almost as much as distraction. So strengths are obviously passion, drive, goal-orientation, efficiency, focus. 

Distorted beliefs: Outer success creates inner fulfillment, your self worth comes from achievement. If you’re truly driving all the time, there’s a part of you that needs that in order to feel good about yourself, and extreme difficulty with failures. I’m definitely an overachiever. 

Questions to consider: “Do you feel fulfilled when you achieve your goals?” When you shift your goals towards impact and serving the families on your team it just takes on a different meaning than you're on this treadmill and like “Why the F am I on this treadmill?” I don’t even know why. What you really want your life too look like so truly truly a life by design. “How do you define success?” “What is failure like for you?”  “How is your team impacted by your drive to succeed?”

That’s a key one. Not everyone is going to show up in your business is an overachiever. If you’re an overachiever and only want to be surrounded by overachievers, it could be exhausting if this person can’t keep up with your pace. You may be sort of leading the pace and there’s a big chance for burnout.

Key transformations: Achievement becomes secondary to self-awareness, realization that life is about people and relationships, and realization of the importance of meaning and beauty.

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