Make a Commitment to Your Health With This Energy Checklist


Alright, so in your Google Drive, high performance, session 3 is the Energy Checklist. Many of you have seen this before. If you’ve been doing things consistently on here, go ahead and put a check near them. There may be things you know you should be doing, but haven’t gotten after quite yet. If this if your first time seeing this and your focus on health isn’t quite where it should be, maybe take three of these items. For you that are a little more focused on health, there are certain ones you should be doing and maybe push yourself to do some more. Let’s go over rest and exercise first.

Rest + Exercise

Simply walking outside every day for at least 30 minutes is a stress and exercise benefit. Sleeping 8-9 hours per night. If you miss the target, nap or meditate during the day. Once you miss that sleep, it takes a compound effect on you. Cardio workouts are two sixty minute cardio workouts per week, two 20-40 minute intense, strength-based workouts per week, and meditation. On that exercise lists, what are the one or two things you are going to go after.

Diet + Nutrition

Eating more greens, organic plant-based foods. Try kale, spinach, salad. Even if you’re not allergic, gluten is an irritant. Take some kind of vitamin or supplement. Health shakes for breakfasts or snacks. Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeine. Limit white starches and heavily processed carbs. White bread, croissants, chips, muffins, all the things that taste good. If you’re active, you’ve got to drink a gallon and a half of water a day.

Daily Energizing

Every 50 minutes or every hour, you should be doing some sort of arm cross, knee-high, 20 deep breaths while balancing in place. If you haven’t been to high performance academy, the boardroom is going October 8th-11th and it’s an event worth going to, they take you through some of these exercises. Speaking and gesturing with passion is one of my worst ones. Stay standing more often. Hug and engage others more physically often, but be careful there. Try to make people smile and laugh more often. Focus on being more present. Keep a gratitude journal, and send an appreciative note.

So, print this energy checklist out, and circle the 3-6 you are going to focus on in the next 30 days. Make a commitment to yourself to actually do the work.

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