How to Transition Your Business into a Corporate Model


Principal Agent Model

On the top of each of these diagrams is you, or me. This is where I was when Tia was my client care person here. Chris was my first buyer agent hire at the end of 2009, and it was the 3 of us. In the 2010 time frame, we had an average of 2-3 buyer agents at a given time. I was the principal agent, still out producing everyone, and that was in 2009-2010.

Team Leader Model

This is when I'm still involved in production, and I'm managing the admin team as well as the sales team. I never had agents that did both sides, I always had buyer agents and listing partners. We had Tia working on buyer closings and a different person working on seller management. We had a client care coordinator, who became my admin services manager. This is basically what we ran in 20011 and 2012. I hired a listing specialist in 2011 and another in 2012. The admin team was taking a little more form as well. In 2010, we just had Tia. In 2011, we hired the listing manager, an inside sales person, and we ended up separating the client care into buyers and sellers. That's the team leader model.

Corporate Model

This is where I'm at currently. Keeley is my sales manager and Chari is my operations manager. Under Chari, we have a seller client care person, a buyer client care person. We don't have an on-staff photographer anymore, so there are a couple people under the gray box on the left side, a part time person that kind of helps with operations.

On the sale side, we have 4 existing and 3 new buyer agents. We have a couple new listing partners. One of our new buyer agents is now transitioning over to the listing side, and we have a couple inside sales people. One is offshore helping Keeley generate sellers leads, and one is in our office on the buyer side.

That's what we look like right now. In 2012, I stepped out of production, hired Chari for an operations manager role, and promoted Keeley to sales manager.

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