Welcome New Client Rich Golze

How did you hear about Lars?

Rich Golze
(Vancouver, WA)

I'm trying to remember - I think I might have actually seen him on a Facebook advertisement. In fact, I'm almost positive I saw a Facebook advertisement in my feed. I logged onto it and saw a quick recording, but that's been several months back.

More recently, what motivated you to reach out to Lars when you did?

I think just general frustration and not having direction and being kind of frazzled. Then seeing how his business model is where he runs it as the CEO, that's kind of where I'd like to take my practice. He's already figured it out so there's no reason for me to go back and reinvent the wheel.

Summarize where you're at with your business. Where do you see your business headed?

I'm a single agent currently. I don't have any team members. I'm looking to hire my first assistant here hopefully in the next couple weeks. Ultimately I'd like to get a couple buyers agents on and move them into a listing agent capacity as well. So I'm really at the beginning of it. I've had my real estate license since 1993 but I took a hiatus for the last nine years. From 2005 until May of this year I was a lender, so I just came back to the real estate side.

Have you done any real estate coaching before?

I've not done any formal real estate coaching, no.

So what drew you to Lars?

I've been on a couple of his Google Hangouts. I've watched a couple of his interviews with Super Agents Live with Toby Salgado out of California, and a couple other interviews. I've actually done a half-hour phone call with Lars.

Do you have a vision of what success with Lars would look like over the next few years and what your goals are?

Ultimately I'd like to be able to have a business that is a recurring revenue stream that I'm not having to work in.

What specific issues are you hoping he can address in your business?

I think specifically what we're looking for up front is to get a direction of putting systems in place and coordinating and coordinating and emphasizing the 4 Core Building Blocks that he talks about. Especially lead generation, whether it's your sphere of influence, For Sale by Owner Expireds, yard signs, and maybe some direct response. Lead generation and systematization of handling those leads when they come in is going to be our utmost priority at this point.

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