Lars Hedenborg Success Call on Master Mind Agent

Here's the recording of a recent interview I did with Mike Cerrone of Master Mind Agent on how to build a business based on a focused plan, managed by straight-forward systems, and executed by a well-organized team.

Here's a brief overview of what we covered on the call:
  • Starting in real estate by focusing on buyers
  • Script for turning buyer leads into appointments
  • Simple method for gaining buyer loyalty at the first meeting
  • Building a 7-figure 7th level business that runs without your daily involvement
  • The 4 technologies you can use to systematize your business
  • The 5 marketing pillars that generate all my leads
  • Raving Fan Club and 60 Touch Marketing Program responsible for 120 closings last year
  • How to multiple buyer calls from yard signs by 250%
  • How my team's agents average over $100K in take home pay while the team maintains a healthy profit margin
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more

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