Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How Can I Generate Sales Quickly After a Slow 4th Quarter?


Here's a question from someone asking, "Had a very slow Q4 in 2014. Is there a way to generate sales quickly? Feeling the pain this month and next month with no scheduled closings."

Obviously the quickest way is if you have current listings and current buyers, so listings that are getting showings. If they're not getting showings you've got to get price reductions on those. If you've got 'A' buyers, get out with them in the car.

Other than that, it's trickier to get listings in quickly and get them closed. But you've got enough buyer leads, and we've talked about it, where you should be able to go in and identify people. If you've got nothing going on, you and your buyer agent can prospect 4 or 5 hours a day every day until you get as many closings as possible. Then you keep that habit of prospecting and you're doing 2-3 hours a day even when you're busy.

Why Things May Have Slowed Down

The reason why you're slow right now (or that anyone is slow right now) is because you didn't do a good job of prospecting in September, October, November. 

For everyone on my team, we look at this. I tell my buyer specialists at our buyer agent meeting, we review this every week, and I tell them, if you go back over the last 12 weeks, and you put 12 of these together here: prospecting, lead follow-up, note cards, Go For No's, and calling past clients. If we put 12 of these together, and you look back at the last 12 weeks of your activities, the reason why you're busy or not busy is because of the 12 weeks leading up to today.

If you and your agent didn't do a lot of prospecting and lead follow-up, or you had no accountability or tracking in place, this is probably one of the first things I would get into place for yourself and your agent and any new agent that joins your team. When you've got this team fully leveraged and you move to a different market, everyone is working this tools every week, so you've got full clarity.

They take this and they go online. Here's an online form. Once a week my agents, by 2pm on Mondays, they enter their activities for the week into this form here. What did they do last week, and how did they add value to the team?

It's not complicated, but it's consistent. And it's boring stuff.

"The Power of Same"

My church, I think I mentioned to you, we're going through a series now called, "The Power of Same." One of its messages it that the reward is in the routine. In anything that you want to be really productive at - your health, your business - the reward is in the routine. You're constantly doing the same things over and over again.

There's no magic in real estate. You can either get business from people that know, like, and trust you, or from people that you generate leads from. So buyer leads, yard sign calls, or expired or FSBO leads. There's no magic to real estate.

That's a tough love answer, but that's generally what happens when you're not busy. You look back at the last 3 or 4 months, and did you really kick ass at new business development?

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