B-SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: Stay on Track and Qualify Leads with the Seller Phone Consultation


Here is the Seller Phone Consultation. I think you have the Word.doc version of this. You can make this your own. You can simplify it, add some questions to it, but these are the basics. Name-address-phone number-email-how did they hear about you?

A Simple Script

And this is your script. So if someone is calling you, you say, “I missed your name. Oh your name is Jack. Jack, what’s the name of the property you’re calling on. And just in case we get disconnected, what’s your phone number?” Or you look at your caller ID and verify that’s the phone number.

“Jack, I’ve got a couple of questions on your home. It sounds like you got a letter from us. Your home just came off the market? Okay, so you’re expired.

“Tell me, why are you moving? What’s the plan? Where are you moving and when do you hope to be there?” Knock out the first two questions.

“Tell me about your property. What style? When was it built? Bedrooms-baths-sq footage of the property? What do you feel the value of the property is? If they’re expired or FSBO, this is the easy question to ask.

“How much do you owe on the property?” Some of those you get a little bit of pushback on if you have an admin do this form for you. If they don’t answer those questions it gives you or your listing specialist a reason to call and follow up and confirm the appointment.

“Are you looking for a market evaluation with other agents as well? How many agents? When and who?

“Let me ask you Jack, if you love our marketing plan and we agree on a pricing strategy and commission, are you ready to move forward when we get out to the property Tuesday, 2:00 p.m., actually get it on the market?

“When’s a good time for me to come by and take a look at the property?”

Green Sheets

So anyways, that’s a real easy phone consultation. Decide on what you want yours to look like and print them out. A coach of mine had a real cool system that we use it this day. We print all of our seller info sheets on green paper.

We call them green sheets. We have all these blank green seller phone consultation forms. And they follow that file around through closing. So if anyone picks up a file, they know what the initial contact was, how they heard about us, and what not.

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