COACHING TIP: How to Follow Through to Get Meaningful Results


Psychology of Business:

So some more words from the wise.

“So many people know what to do, but they don’t follow through. They don’t take the action needed to get the results they’re seeking. This is because 80% of mastering anything comes down to your psychology. Thus the more you can understand about yourself, the more you can master sales, management, marketing, and business overall.” - Tony Robbins
I think it was Business Mastery 2 in Fiji, probably the biggest takeaway from even Business Mastery 1 & 2, and I was talking to Lisa. She went to a Tony Robbins event. And I don’t really recommend Business Mastery. I think Date with Destiny and some of the other stuff he does is good.

But the biggest takeaway was just the emotion that’s required. I mean, he took us, and obviously it’s like Tony Robbins. It’s only 50 of us, and I am not Tony Robbins, so I am not going to get you guys to jump around and clap your hands.

But we were at the top of our lungs screaming. And you can’t record, but I recorded it just so I could play it back. I should have brought the audio.

I am a Gladiator. Winter is my season. This is when the economy was a little bit darker than it is today. So it was winter, for sure. It was like 2010 or ’11 maybe. This is my time. Give me your fears and limitations and I will give you results.

So especially in winter seasons, agents freak out. They’re always half in the door doing real estate and half, they could just go back to what they were doing. But it’s the emotional commitment to doing this that is really going to get you there.

This is a huge generalization. Some guys have a tougher time getting to that root level of why this has to happen at a really deep emotional level. A good example for me, and this is just recent, working out was the last thing that would happen.

Finding Your Emotional 'Why'

I guess it was UPW, the fourth day, which is the health day. I realized that without that one thing, it’s kind of like grabbing the oxygen mask first if the plane goes down. If you ain’t getting oxygen, you’re not going to serve in a big way.

The thing that did it for me, huge emotion. My dad had huge stroke years ago. He can die any day. He’s still alive, but he can die any day. Just bad choices. And I don’t think I’ll have more than a handful of people that need to know that he died.

Huge emotional why. You think I’m going to complain about getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning when I’m thinking about my dad and having less than 5 people there when he dies.

And like my kids. Who printed out the picture and put the caption next to the picture? If you’ve got kids, that’s another big reason. So I think I’m a bit aggressive on this one. I’ve done the numbers once and it seemed like it was possible. But playing with my great-grandchildren or great-great, it’s something that’s crazy. I’d have to be like 100 years old and still fit and vibrant in order to play with the version of what I created.

It’s easy for me to pop out of bed at 5 a.m. and go to the gym when I think of – I want to be right in there with Anders. And if he’s 100 lbs, I want to throw him 50 ft in the pool. It would just be cool. But if I’m not taking care of myself, I cannot do that. I can’t show up.

That’s just an easy example. Because who likes to diet and go to the gym at 5 in the morning? Just pure joy. 1-2. But I promise you, if you attach emotion to it. And it’s the same thing with business.

You’ve got to tie it down with some deep emotional reason for going into this battle.

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