HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: Living and Leading With Purpose


Alright, cool. Let’s get after it here. So when Brendan Burchard, founder of High Performance Academy, talks about purpose it’s really about being intentional in everything you do and present.

There are 6 pillars: productivity, persuasion, physiology, psychology, and purpose and presence.

And so presence is as much a part of purpose. So when you think about purpose, it’s intentionality with your time and being present and purposeful in everything that you do. If you overlook this and have a tendency to say, I want to sell 100 more homes next year than this year. I don’t want to do this right now.

The work you do in this session will have you show up as a better version of yourself, not only in business but in your relationships, with your children and your spouse and your friends, as a son or daughter, as a sibling. So don’t underestimate the power of what we’re going to do here.

So the goal of this session is to gauge how well you feel. You have been living and leading purposefully.

Every session I say the world’s highest performers are remarkably, whatever the session is. So for this one, the world’s highest performers are remarkably purpose-driven in how they live and lead in their work and also in their relationships. So all of the topics in high performance coaching are critically important, but it’s hard to imagine reaching the highest levels of high performance.

When we’re talking about performance, the older school version of this is Peak Performance, showing up in a peak way and then coming down. This is sustained levels of performance. Being purposeful is critically important.

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